Sunday , January 29 2023

Mourinho stunned !! Red Devil Open Zing Zebra I love you


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho last night played Juventus UEFA Champions League final 2-1.

On Nov. 7, a foreign news agency announced that Jose Mourinho, head of the Manchester squad, interviewed Juventus 2-1 after a game interview, admits that the red devils are always worth it. But do not think of winning.

"When Manchester United was good here here, they probably were the best team in the world," Munin said.

"Juventus has been the biggest team for many years. They import players like Ronaldo. They want to win every match and win every game. We are a team that does not have many players in this list.

"It was a fantastic victory, and it's a feeling that we are playing well. Even if we do not win, I also want to feel the same when we play well in the fight with this great team.

"Fellini makes the team live again. When we lose the door, our minds are a bit confused and convincing of Juventus.

"Fellini helped us create a lot of odds at the end of the game, and when Juventus sent Barça to their repetitive game, the performance was less, and then we created more opportunities.

"They really (Yunho) know their potential. They are stronger than us. The quality is great and the booking is perfect, but they understand that their game is not easy.

"I told my players that it was a tough game, we played safely and played face to face. They had the opportunity to close the game, and my thoughts, which we play in this game, deserve to be repeated.

"This is a difficult group, and even if we win in this area, it is not easy to qualify. To qualify, we still need more than 3 points."

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