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"Master Chef Season 3" unlocking strength

Back to create anxiety And refocus the items twice “The main chef Thai season 3 " Heliconia (MasterChef Thailand Senson 3) with Culinary Contest To find just one step Master Chef Thailand People 3 With a prize of 1 million baht

Since the program is open For stakeholders to participate in the competition There are thousands of people interested in participating in almost every channel. Either send a clip or walk to sign up for a culinary arts school and Culner host on the 5th floor of the Emporium shopping mall with a cooking show for the directors Each of them takes full commitment and trust Hope to enter a deep cycle, making each selection difficult "Pok-Piyathida" Undertook to do the deal

The finalists have to face 3 directors until the listening round. "Elder EngML Pasawat Sawat, Chef Pom – ML Kwanthip And "Chef Ian-Phongthawat" Along with the problems that directors have prepared for everyone to prove that the skill is good enough or not grabbed the apron

Follow the fun. Finding Common People with Love for Cooking Enter the unusual skills Master Chef Thailand Season 3 First band broadcast on Sunday, February 62, at 18.20, Channel 7, Color HD.

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