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LINE MOBILE enters the new generation with "The Exclusive Ad Space"

LINE MOBILE Create a new phenomenon for the industry Telco And advertising industry Launch campaign "The most exclusive advertising space Use advertising space for people (Human Media) For the first time in Thailand By dragging the famous teenager "Ice-Paris" to share a cool idea Brand experience A New Response to the New Generation Raise your campaign concept, seeking to make a difference, create recognition, and connect with customers and events. "LINE MOBILE The more you discover … the more you love the Open with Ice Paris ", which will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2019, at the Central Court, Central World, Central Court.

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Miss Pawarisa Chumwikran, Line Mobile Marketing ManagerThailand said LINE Mobile SIM, Mobile Phone, Call Chat, Play Internet with 100% Digital Service, First in Thailand Has Created a New Phenomenon for Telco Industry and Thai Advertising Industry Launching Advertising Campaign "The most exclusive advertising space It uses advertising media to people or Human Media for the first time in Thailand. The idea behind the campaign is that we want the brand to be more recognizable. And make a new generation of target groups to try to open up the mind to use the SIM card Line Mobile, which can also satisfy the new generation lifestyle. These people like to do everything in the online world. Just like convenience, speed, freedom that currently provides online services There's no need to go to the store. In addition, our packages are unrelated. Customers can control their own costs and manage all issues.

Since we started LINE MOBILE The main feature of the brand is Novelty, Creating Differences, Courage to Think and Do Outside the Box

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Advertising campaigns "The most exclusive advertising space Has Created New Ideas About Advertising Media In general, many advertising media can be a story about a high-speed car, an LED screen in the middle of a crossroads of posters in the sky. But this campaign is the first time that Thailand has used the body as a promotional tool, and we have chosen the right people to reach the younger generation through the use of human media. Especially on the social media world to join the campaign, which this time Line Mobile has selected the famous teenage actors from the famous Ice-Paris Intarakomol Sut. Open the area on your forehead and add more fun to this campaign. As the image that everyone remembers from the series and is the highlight of the ice The unique left frontal hairstyle is why we use this area as a means of advertising mobile devices. To generate interest and stimulate consumer concerns

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All LINE Mobile campaigns We plan to create a consumer resonance. Every work is thought-out ideas and looks for new consumer insights and finds out what consumers want to meet. In line with market trends 2019. TConsumers will change quickly. Even if the original consumer or the original group can change from the previously known original If the brand is no longer able to think about the needs of consumers, in addition to understanding the needs of the customers, Line Mobile ChongFocus on creation Brand experience Too new to create a different brand Make content different Create anxiety and interest for consumers Including expansion in other communication stories for Consumers after the campaign "The most exclusive ad space is open to customers to join the event. "LINE MOBILE is more open … more love Open mind scanning with ice Paris " What will happen on Sunday February 3, 2019 Central court floor 6 Central World

This latest campaign is not the first time LINE Mobile brings a new and successful phenomenon to customer needs. Since last year, LINE Mobile has received 3 awards to guarantee success both from Thailand and abroad. Which indicates that consumers accept Line Mobile as well as 1. Remuneration Outstanding brands in 2018 No Influential Brands® Asian brand experts from Singapore What is the agency that has been working on market research in Asia for more than 20 years, Line Mobile is the first Telco brand to receive prizes in this competition. Remuneration Bronze Awards Service Business Type (Service) Year 2018 From the Thai Marketing Association (MAT), derived from the campaign MOB LINE MOBILE, the world's cheapest SIM LINE Mobile is a new player in the Telco industry, which in the first year since its launch has created an interesting phenomenon in the marketing sector. Remuneration Top 5 Youtube Ads Leaderborad 2018 Tips Bumper ads What is considered to be the success of brand advertising planning for the target group since the first year as brand new

"As one of the industry representatives Telco Comes With Only Part Of The Year We face many challenges to make the brand acceptable. In accordance with. T.We are constantly evolving to meet our customers with fast-changing behaviors. Growth strategy We also focus on consumers as a hub to meet consumer needs that are not yet resolved to solve. ppoint And make mobile linesIs the digital mobile SIM that consumers love easily? Miss Pawarisa concluded.

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