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Introduce the secret (no) to the secret! In Kwon, enjoy the cool Thai party! One of the 5 best works from Fantastic Beasts 2.


After the road Warner Bros. Pictures Has announced the movie fans. Fantasy Beasts: Grindelwald Crimes It does not matter who is an artist, designer, illustrator. An animator, etc., Can showcase the creative work of photos or movies inspired by films. Or just a movie trailer.

The judges will choose 5 interesting items. The winners will also be eligible to participate in digital advertising campaigns, billboards and related products. They can also get the film's work.

And it was good for the Thai fans, no less because of one of the five winning shots. It's a skill to take a wand and start working with independent Thai designers. Joe Apichat Srithunya His works are spread throughout the world. And today there is an exclusive interview, which is more than just a part of it, he comes and comes to me with each other.

Joe Apichart Truly Yarn. I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. Graphic Design Bangkok University Currently works as an independent designer.

How to enter the magic world. And why love the magic world?

I started to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Thailand is recalculated after a period. 6 Then I realized that the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released, and then there is love in the magic world, it makes so much. I decided to buy a book to create the first 5 to read the real Internet, it's easy to access. Now I have no magic school, and Harry, then stopped in one.

In the new name I write the scientific Harry Potter because they wanted to be a source of information and research or to learn later today, I just have to work together to translate many of them. I am not very good in English, I have good brothers to help translate. Everything is original. Everyone who participates in the team collaboration and is open to the article, we are very pleased.

What makes love and trust unchanged is another place from which we have escaped boredom. Bad for a moment Magic world JK Rowling It's like a source of water that gives us the opportunity to come up with bad things next time. The content itself has evolved for several years. We would like to grow together. Learn and love the characters together until the end. The film is a story about supernatural beings, even for adults who are fans of Harry. The first mature potter. We are at the back as a child. Back up the page up there ^ It has the right to love many people, and if anyone doubts, it will lead him to knowledge of the depth of the story in a more magical world. It can not be separated from each other.

What are the news from the competition?

I know from the road. Warner Bros. Thailand I really do not know what to do. We will not submit a contest. But enough time to work. Brain Joe started to think, but the image will be submitted to the contest until it feels good, for the remaining 18 hours. Let's do the magic world. I have to say. Get in touch with the world. I thought to myself that it would be a shame if I did not do it, well, I did it, as I thought, a skateboard, and then came up with real work in less than one submission day.

Fans of Harry Potter.

How long does it take to conceptualize the concept and complete it?

I have written that October 20 sketch in my mind, but I wrote it. To do this, to do this. Then tell yourself that this work must be sent to us. I am a person who likes to look at clean lines, but think of it as puzzles or symbols. So we decided that we would work in a style that is good and good for us, but it matters.

I said to myself first. Design a work that is not just a movie poster. Project development that can go elsewhere. Can create cool pieces of work, may be a screen shirt. This is the body of the phone. Or anyone else. I hope that it will look good enough to make people, for example, be overstretched, I do not like what it is all about.

I began to work with Illustrator graphic design on the night of October 21st, and then I went to work in the morning closing the last day. The remaining 18 hours will be closed for work that I have sent to the Talenthouse in the last 3 hours. Approximately four hours are five hours. I am very pleased with the results.

This is a poster. What inspires you in design?

The main inspiration is the design of the pavement. Fantastic beasts From MinaLima, I like both. It's also intended to make Harry Potter, but I want to be on the same. All models are balanced.

Take the film's iconic colors from yellow to brown to contact the Newfoundland Haflepuf House. Elder Grindelwald's eldest son, in the foreseeable future, belongs to Albuam Dumbledore, Gleema's grandson, Grindelwald's bark, to the Alchemist symbol. I want to put all the characters in a non-character image. It came out as a work I see. It may not be perfect, but I really like it.

Joe Apichart Truly Yarn.

How much do you expect from this competition?

Acknowledge that we wait But do not expect too much. It seems to me that others who sent me are cool, I would like to press a lot of work, and many other 4 pieces were selected. I like it before. Its intent is easy to expect. But we do not want to disappoint you, do not hope. I like it. People like us are really happy.

How do you feel about it?

I know the results before the official announcement. From day 3, I was so glad that I received the greetings letter from the Talenthouse and quickly sent me a copy of the proof to confirm my identity. "Keep it secret until an official statement" is so excited to the roads. Warner Bros. The announcement went to the official movie channel.

That evening I emphasized that I forgot to announce the result. I know it's on the morning of 7 when I open my phone. Open the Internet All my mails have been sent to me. It really is overwhelming. Winning feeling. It's not the feeling of people coming to me, I'm happy to win money. But I'm glad that people love it, love it and rejoice with us. I like to see people happy.

1 out of 5 jobs

The first thing to do after knowing the results.

Smiley Smiley wide to phone screen. The size of the previous results. But it's very special. Everyone knows that I have contacted all the channels for news. But I closed all the way. I know that everyone is winning, so thank you all. Thank you all who took me. Thank you to the Talenthouse who chose us. Thank you Warner Bros. An opportunity to bring fans around the world.

Thank you to the people who made me make this decision. I am very glad that today is today. JK Rowling Retweet me on Twitter This is how the UK told me. "I like your job," although I do not know if the UK will take part in this decision. Or regular Twitter for her. I had the pleasure at least in the way that I approached. UK Slightly more I hope that in real life there is an opportunity to meet with the UK. I want to thank her, sit down and find it hard to cry.

What do you want to leave?

Nowadays, there are so many people who look at this proverb or love, this is very absurd. I've heard people say Harry Potter is very funny. And if anyone can say what I'm doing, that's ridiculous, I'd say I'm good English more, because Harry Potter, I'm open to listening and open to many things, Harry. Potter, I worked for myself, I could not because of Harry Potter directly, but Harry Potter is the beginning, I wanted to make a website. I want to make a cool design to do something useful to others.

All this, I think it was from Harry Potter, so do not get all the attention that people with negative attitude will hurt you a lot. But I want to believe in my heart. And then to the end. If we are still happy to do it every time, I'm right. It will take a lot of time to get there. I went with lots of design, I practiced and developed a lot, as if looking back to see the old one.

I hope that the most is the opportunity to meet. JK Rowling I have requested my autograph one day. I want to film the next. Thailand will be able to bring fan events closer to players such as Japan or China, so Thai magic fans can make love as any other country. I believe that everyone is ready to release love on the same day.

Can be tracked. Joe Apichart Truly Yarn. IG: atreeriddle, facebook: ATreeStudio, aphichat.wc, twitter: atmriddle

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