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In English: The Legend Of Phantom Souls In The Tower Of London – A Full Story


Hallucinogenic Bright London Tower – BBC Thai

There are many places in England that say people have seen the will of the deceased. Particularly important historic sites, such as the castle or the ancient tower and London Tower, are another old gourmet site.

The London Tower was erected almost a thousand years ago. It is a historic place with a history directly related to rule. Tron and the creation of the British nation It was used as a castle fortress where prisoners were imprisoned. And the execution area.

Ghosts are rumored and people claim to have appeared. It is often the fortress and the spirit of the members of the royal family, who must stop their lives in this fort. Most of the "

Use of jail and storage. The London Tower is a persecuted and terrible history.

One of the most talked about London tower is Bloody Tower or Blood Tower.

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The London Tower was built in William Great England in 1078.

Little prince

Bloody Tower, used as a place for imprisonment and imprisonment of two princes. Edward's 5th Birthday Anniversary with Prince Richard Duke of York, 9th Anniversary

It's been said that both princes used to sleep before they were taken to Bloody Tower on the second floor. The number behind the stairs is 4 to 5 meters, with a white wall.

Phil Wilson, London Tower Officer who was staying in the tower. Why do people believe that the prince still rides in this bloody tower?

"There were people in the bloody tower who took Lord Edward fifth with Prince Richard Anush is sometimes Both were white. Grab their hands, stand, then gradually emerge in the wall. Some of them have reported being two boys of the same age. It is said that Gloucester Richard Hercegov King ordered the two princes to be killed to rule. "

Prince Edward Edward V (1470 - around 1483) and his brother Richard (1473-1493), Edward IV's son of England and Elizabeth Woodville. Poland Delaroche painting (1797-1856), 1831, canvas, oil, 181x215 cm. Paris, Musée du Louvre

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The Princess Tower is shown at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

According to history, according to Edward IV, two princes of two princes died on April 9, 1483, the Duke of Richard Gloucester. He made a king and took two small princes to the London tower.

Prince Edward was preparing for Lord Edward's fifth coronation. But after all, the man who took the throne was honored Richard III.

Both princes were still alive at that time. But then it disappeared like a dough.

The Bloody Tower on the second floor is considered a short video of Sir Lawrence Olivier's film in 1955 about the disappearance of two princes.

In the movie, Princess Prince ordered his servant to take a pillow at his princess's nose when he laid it on.

In 1674, a technician who broke a stone staircase south of the White Tower or the White Tower in the London Tower. Get to know the head of two heads

At that time people thought that the prince had two headaches and King Charles II. He ordered the bone to be monitored at the Westminster Cathedral.

To this day, only the fact that the skull found is a child about 10 years old has been proven.

Painting of the British ruler Richard III with an unknown artist is visible at the National Gallery of Portraits in central London.

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It is said that Richard III killed his father (Patricia) to rule.


The spirit, reminiscent of frequent appearances in the Tower of London, is Queen Anne Bolein's spirit, the second constellation of Henry VIII. The head was bent in 1536, sometimes with an infinite ghost.

Phil Wilson, London Tower

"Many people saw Anne Boleyn at the Tower Green in Queens House. It is said that the place before the Queen was executed." After accusing him of a conspiracy and rebellion, "she asked for a conspiracy from the Lord of Henri, the ax was not used in English traditions because he was very afraid. According to French tradition, Lord Henry made the last Queen's wishes, and he paid his fees by driving a cemetery from Calais, France. It is said that this fuser is a very qualified tooth whitening head right away, but when the pendant lifted his head, her eyes were forgotten and her mouth was confused. People who are watching perform believe she is cursed. "

In England, it seems that only Anne Blool, who was killed by a sword. The ax is used traditionally.

End of the 16th century Portrait of Anne Bolein (c.1500-1536) presented by an unknown artist at the National Portrait Gallery in London, England.

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King Henry accused Queen Anne of being a rebellious and rebellious king. He ordered the death by a throat that was cut in the Tower of London in 1536.

The death row is called the Tower of Green, a lawn in the Tower of London. Today the tower is clearly visible. Create a small square with a barrier. In front of St. Peter ad Vincula.

There are also many senior bosses in this area, including Henry VIII's fifth constellation Queen Catherine Howard. But the strongest is Queen Anna Bolein's spirit.

Phil Wilson described this experience as one of the guidelines.

"One of the officers took the tourists to St. Peter's Adina's chapel, one tourist asked when he was in the church." The guide said that nobody was standing behind me, but the tourists are still persistent. I also added that the woman standing Behind the shape is not high. Wearing a black dress and standing at the grave of Princess Anna Boul "

Another person who was hanged on another agenda. The only thing with Anne Bloine is Lady Jane Gray.

Hallucinogenic ghost in London tower
The execution of Lady Jane Gray in the London Tower in 1554 by Paul Delaroche
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Bear Jane Gray was Queen of England for 9 days. Mary Tudor was punished in 1596.

When I first saw a woman in Jane Gray in 1957, it was the 403rd anniversary of her death. Two guards saw the figure in a white suit in the basement of the tower.

One of the most severe death sentences was the Salisbury Margates Marathon. The base is fighting against the earth.

She had no knees, her head down on the pedestal, so that the hanger could split her neck and try to escape. The killer is a rookie. Try to cut your neck to cut off her neck.

It is said that a good day, especially on the anniversary of the day she was forgotten. People often hear screaming and screaming in the tower.

Top Ten

The area most prone to harassing is the Salt Tower, during which time Jesuits were imprisoned during the Tudor period.

The upper part of the tower shows the signs of prisoners that prove the walls.

"In the towers of the London Tower, it is said that the Salt Tower is the most distant tower, and one guard told me that he was trying to get to the top of the tower, but no more. That's an obstacle, but weirdly do not see the wall." And then there was another guard. wake up late at night because it seems that something was strangled. This young man cried aloud. He went out of bed in a pajamas. He told his friends that he was trying to kill, and he would not become Salt Tower again. "Phil Wilson from the London tower.

Documents submitted to the BBC for publication. Increases the slope of the salt towers. Saying it's late. Not only people who did not dare to enter this tower were not only not allowed. Even the dogs are horrible.

This article was originally published on the BBC's Thai website. December 26, 2004

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