Sunday , February 28 2021

I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

Open your eyes to the story of a sweet hero. Everyone is proud of the Thai lady of the entertainment industry.

If you name it Atheist Believe that everyone should think of a perfect woman. With well-organized, sweet and good behavior, even over 20 years of entertainment in the industry are never damaged. No wonder why everyone loves and gives her an opportunity.

This will be the first time I've seen this movie. Then we go to see it together.

1. AFL history

Thatchaporn Sukcharoen, nicknamed AFF, born October 27, 1980. He is 38 years old. Height 163 cm, weight 45 kg, graduated from elementary school. Queen's School Secondary School and the Bachelor's Degree in Communication Faculty. Chulalongkorn University Living at school. AFL is an active activist. I used to become a cheerleader. Theater I have a degree in the Lord. The football tradition of Chulalongkorn – Thammasat 55 times if anyone is able to follow it. It is well known that the appearance and modesty of AFL girls in this case. It's a cheerful and unobtrusive collaborator ever.

2. The name "AFL" comes from the French language.

Our hero was born in Thailand. But grow up in France. I got a nickname because "AF" comes from the pronunciation of Ive (Adam and Eve) in French. Her family life. Father was the founder of the famous design company. Mother worked at the Thai Embassy in Paris. Although they both decide to break, and each other has a new family. But now everyone has intimate feelings. Family size together. Celebrate an event with a special event. The family is understandable. And really very wet.

3. Discharge at age 14

Thai folk beauty. He has been in the industry since the age of 14, starting with a small work as a photographic magazine before he becomes famous as a full-time actor in the film. There is not much to say about the "Legends of the King Naresuan Great" and the more famous of the "Responsive Love" of the drama. I guarantee quality. Won gold medal Best actress in 2007

4. See this balance, but, for example, say a car, tell me!

I do not vote in full time racing competitions. But our sweet girl has a taste like a car. And the luxury hobby is to collect a car with your dad. The Porche Cayman 987, named "Coconut Boy", is the first car. The Porche 930 Turbo is the second car. And finally, I like the last one. Super Car Racing Class. Porsche 911 GT3 The driving style is that kyat. You have to put your hand in order to make it easier to turn off the butterfly valve.

5. AFTA is the definition of the word Thai lady.

It's not that bad. Because she has small, caring words and words since the young ones. Personal habits are quite slow. I do not know what to do with it. I have the honor to become one of the best 25 Thai women from Thailand since 2555.

6. The happiest single point in the world.

Perhaps it is a shame that girls are not happy in life. But fortunately she has a New Year's Eve. The person who made the smile, laughter and mother's life was never bored. In addition to the new year, there is glass in her heart. The young three-year-olds are still grabbing their mother and country's hearts. Invention And Mother's Sweetness.

After that, I do not know what the future will be. I believe this sweet heart girl. For a long time the entertainment industry has a fair and stellar quality. Do not forget to follow and encourage him to continue.

Picture from: Instagram aff_taksaorn

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