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I was sorry, James! I feel guilty to open a fan club.

"That's fine," he said. Grip pictures and history as well as Great-Warrin, which was discovered by the doctor's sweet girl. I do not know what to do. Especially nice James, who was hit by some fan clubs. Boy discovered. "I'm sensitive to you. The day I interviewed and went to work together. He looks a little stressful." James says he's sorry to be amazed by the fans? "I think he'll feel very much in. But James does not say much. Do we have any encouragement? "I marked the group more. I know that James is a very passionate fan. It's very much about how fans feel."

James looks very stressed? "Not with the strain, but see the symptoms. I have written an apology group. If it affects the latest" Do we feel that our teaser makes people a spark image? "I have to say that I'm close. It's time to leave the list, it will be teased together. Each of us is teasing each other, but we all have different points that are affected differently. We may not like it. We play together we know the border. But that was not enough. We did not feel good. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. James said he was not angry. He also spoke to each other. " Do you want to go down? "Truth is the time together. We know that weird is limited. But if it affects it, then it needs to be adjusted to light up. Which game to play? I can not play" Netizens dig a story about the girl James talked about? "The story is that he digs. I do not mean to see this size. But I see the latest news and reaction from my younger brother. I have to say my younger brother and I'm sorry.

Wonderfully – Warin open the chat girls talk? "I'm very close to each other. This is a great story. It will be kept private. I have no worries about anything." I'm afraid we'll open the warp. "I do not have this now, if it is, then it will be open, I do not know. Is it time to be someone? I do not turn off anything. Perhaps it has not been announced that this person is dating. If anyone saw it, then I would say" We are a fan club. If one day is a fan, is he really not? "No, I'm old. I'll have a girlfriend shot." Would you recommend James? "We have not talked about it yet, so we talked a lot about it, and we're really sorry for him. Usually, James is not very talkative, but he's cheerful, but this time he does not say. See also a little. I feel guilty, causing him to leak out. I'm sorry. "

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