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I am a business problem! I sell the ringtone. Split behind the reel.


I am a business problem! I sell the ringtone. Split behind the reel.

On November 8 the complainant received a complaint from Ms. Chanchanida Suwannawat, at the age of 35 years Baan Nuea Klong, North Klong, Krabi I was fooled by paying thousands of baht. Be sure to buy a call and colored buttons to put it in a bag and send it back. It will be paid separately, but it turns out that. In the same way, 50 villagers were deceived, so they did not want to pursue again.

That is a good thing. I have additional income because I live in an empty house. Learn How To Make Money Online. I found promotion on Facebook. The bell and buttons are colorful. We bought from him a big call for 200 baht, then put it in a small bag. Then send back with a 400 watt salary, gaining 200 watts of profit. The contact was made by the owner of Facebook in Calasin.

"The first time was good, and when neighbors know, I would recommend doing about 50 other neighboring houses, but when they are ordered by a large number. It turns out that it did not start talking and then quietly lost contact. There are a lot of houses left. more than 50 people were bewildered, each lost at least 1-3 thousand, everyone is not informed. I want the public to know that there are such groups as the people of this village of struggle money "

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