Monday , September 27 2021

Grandmother's blow! Sitting in the pyramid Village residents say goodbye.


Grandmother's blow! Sitting in the pyramid Works to rescue the rescue. The villagers say goodbye. The housewife asked the animals.

Boa On November 8, 88-year-old Sureeeporn Meesukrapat, 219 Kaew Phichit Road, in Muang Province's Prachinbur province, announced the rescue officers of the Sawang Bumparnit Foundation, Prachinburi Province. It has a big snake. Coordinate the snake action manager so that the snake trap promptly rushed home.

At the site there is a single house planted next to the grassland forest, visited by a former teacher's pensioner with the daughter of the owner Surpornus. Waiting for panic. At the top of the house at the room. It seems that the length of the python is almost 5 meters long. Inflatable curvature is expected to feed many homes. Use the snake to catch the device. The snake is trying to resist the legs to escape back to the kitchen. It takes more than 40 minutes. Amidst relief for homeowners standing next to them.

Mrs Suree Porn said she was preparing to pray. Meditate in the holy room. I heard a rake on the roof of the house, so I looked up to see the luster of the great lime. He then rushed and then informed the Sangas Foundation staff. Prachin Buri with lighting fixtures and tools to help catch. Previously, this boss often fell into the house. Because the adjoining house has a wild forest, where nobody is harmed.

How the neighbors have accepted The snake can also get the merits of the entrepreneur. After the distribution of the animals after the prayers – to meditate, then it is possible. After taking it, it returns to nature.

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