Saturday , July 24 2021

Getting to know "Mr. Big Division" is the position that Thaksin Shinawatra has recently been deprived of.

From The Government Letter Web Site Published Royal Statement His Royal Highness Prince Crohn's Mohy Wiralongkorn canceled the rank of Volunteer Defense Force in Thaksin Shinawatra's Royal Division.

>> Please remove Thaksin Shinawatra ranking. Territorial Protection Volunteer Division

Many Thai people may not be familiar with the ranking of this position.

Information from the Information Center The Office of the Secretary-General noted that Mr Kong Yai's post is considered to be the top commander. Territorial Defense Staff in accordance with Section 2497 of the Law (Law), Ranking and Commanders of Territorial Protection and Territorial Protection Voluntary Division, which in this Act defines the rank of Commander and Territorial Protection Volunteer Officer in this order

  1. Great boss
  2. Colonel
  3. Master Kong
  4. Mr Kong Tri
  5. Colonel
  6. Master Lieutenant
  7. Bachelor's Lieutenant
  8. Mr. Mu
  9. Mr Mu Ek
  10. Mr. Mu Master
  11. Mr Mu Tri

Who will receive the rank of Volunteer Guard Commander from the Bachelor's Degree Command The King's Command, as well as the royal and police rank.

Ranking of the rank of captain to the large group Minister of the Interior Or those appointed by the Minister of the Interior Can appoint a rank And in case of being deprived of the rank of the person who obtained the rank, the Minister of the Interior, or the authorized person of the Minister of the Interior can order prevent ranking

This area was retained by the Volunteer Division. Established under the Law on Territorial Protection Volunteer Law BE 2497 (1954) as a lawyer Is the organization in the Ministry of the Interior

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