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Get out of Supatsara Showman! Special Youth Starting Watching New Stars

Get out of Supatsara Showman! Special Youth Starting Watching the new star

On February 28, CentralWorld, when opening the FURLA Monogram POP-UP store, buy a new bag collection. Spring / Summer 2019 from FURLA (Furla), Italian leather bags The famous actress Nine Supasara Thanachart is ready for an interview. The heart is now pink. When Valentine Crossed the Flower With a Dough

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At this time, watch in love
"I want to be in love (laughs)"

What is the heart condition now?
"That's right. (Smile)"

The last Valentine's Day is a flower. With a new man with a puzzle When we decided to go down
"(Laughs) In fact, we think it was a special day. It really is a model that has never been a flower for a long time. Then (laughs) so I felt that it was a good day. be on Instagram in February 14. We are happy We want to let those who love us.

Many people wonder why this page will not be opened.
"He was embarrassed (laughs). He was shy."

Is he afraid of people watching?
"He was not afraid that people would be wrong. As two of us discovered it But he would be a joke that if he had a face on Instagram and had flowers.

Don't you be afraid of privacy, will it disappear? So it's not a clear start.
"Really, we are more concerned about it. It's about love for a long time. That's not ours When's a day We were worried about people who didn't work here. Is he stressed Are people going to chaos? Ask him a lot? more worried. "

But does he have to play the drama? (Blood thickens Playing as a policeman
"I play some but not even the size to stand in our place.

Is Chowavit Chittanan Right?
"Yes (laugh, shy)"

Have you been talking for a long time?
"Not a long time ago, it asked how to meet. There's a friend of friends. It's like a senior who has long been known."

He wants to open his mind.
"He was like a brother who had a good attitude. We believe that this person can consult. When we think this brother has ideas we can consult with when there is a problem in life. It was also the rhythm spoken by a group of friends."

Is the style compatible or adapted?
"We live normally. Do we usually eat so I still do not see what style it is.

Can fan status be called?
"But it might be a good feeling. What is a flower? Yes, but it is not time to feel how it is. It is enough to grow in this way we mean a lot. It is a matter of many family or social life. We need to understand whether we can go together Another thing we also do Do we also have a life goal, we think we like our life We want life to go this way. We also have a life goal. So it feels good. Can you go? "

Can you call this special person
"It's special. It's considered very close and talking to each other."

Will it be possible to develop in full?
"Go to ask him better. Does he want it Actually we are all gone. Do we just say That day's image is, we want to get together But we are afraid it will make his life harder or not. That day we asked him several times that you can go down We felt that it was our good day. "

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