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Excited China sent cotton seed to Chang Er-4 to grow brave moon


Excited China sent cotton seed to Chang Er-4 to grow brave moon

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The Chinese National Space Agency reported good news that cotton seeds were shipped to Change-4 Moon Rising bold It is the first seed of the human world that grows on the moon.

On January 62, the Chinese National Space Agency was reported by the international news agency and the BBC. Communicating Good News That Made Fun Plant Seeds in Cotton Trees One of the seeds sent by the probes to the Moon อ Change -4 & # 39; (Chang & # 39; e4), which descended on the dark side Or the moon on the opposite side, which was successfully completed January 62 Until it was the first time the seed from the human world took place on the moon

On the Chinese news website, China reported that scientists have used biological technology to keep the seeds of these plants inactive during the Er Er-4 probe. Coming from the ground to the Moon for 20 days, the Commander of the Land Management Center told the inspector of water seeds Chang Chang 4. Eyes

Chinese Moon Inspector Chang Er 4

The South China Morning Mail website also reported that Professor Zheng Geng Xin, Moon Seed Experiment Project Manager from Chongqing University, responsible for this project, has been trying to consider space survival in the future Learning by plant growth Under low gravity environments such as On the Moon Has helped us to use the information to create a base in the future space

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Cotton seed photos grow courageously in the Chang Er 4 probe during the moon

Although Xinhua News Agency in China also reported that Chang Er-4 who sent Roveru Ade Jade Rabbit 2 & # 39; or & # 39; Yutu-2 & # 39; to explore the Moon Surface And Collect Soil Samples Sent from the moon Around 150 images returned to the world

The Chinese National Space Agency sent small creatures. And 6 Seed Species To The Moon With Chang Er-4 Consisting Of Cotton, Potatoes, White Cabbage, Salad Family Plants, Fruit Flies And Yeasts Hoping that the environment on the moon without living beings will be able to create a small ecosystem And also hopes that this ecosystem will be able to create the first flower on the moon

Dark Moon Surface Worldwide
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