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Don't miss, "Van Dyke" wanted behind Reds.

Don't miss it

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Fergilan van Dyke, Liverpool Quarter Came to open the heart after Reds opened a home drawing in Leicester City 1-1 English Premier League last game …

Foreign news agencies reported on January 31, but Ferigiland van Dyke, "Reds" Liverpool team, regretted that the team lost a free kick on the first side of the injury. Open Anfield Being "Siam Fox" Leicester City ran 1-1 drawing English Premier League on Wednesday night.

This game Reds lead 1-0 from 3 minutes from San Bernardino to name but 1-1 to do with Leicester from Harry Maguire, 45 + 2 min from injury.

Newest Liverpool FC Defender Fiji After the game was interviewed: "Dissatisfaction is not the right word. We started surprisingly with the door from Sadie Manne, and then it was a difficult game with a good competitor. Unfortunately, we do not win. We are moving ahead. We have a dangerous time. And we are looking for a second door. But they got injured in the first half of the year. What's rather unsatisfactory Especially the way we lose the door.

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