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DJ asked me too much of a pandanian page? Wearing a bikini in the middle of snow Not a good example – pointing to a subconscious.

DJ asked me too much of a pandanian page? Wearing a Swimsuit in the Snow Not a good example – pointing to a subconscious.

Make a lot of social suggestions. When the singer Bai Toey Siam Showing sexy amidst snow while young men are singing bad breath in succession DJ Man Pattanaphon The real dear sees what to say. Finally, the young DJs and mothers have come to reveal their thoughts by showing a talk show on 131 channels with PK Piyawat and Bum Panadda as MC.

DJ Man talks about Bai Toey Siam's girlfriend wearing a swimsuit in the snow "I don't like it like our people. We also say this line? Asked if Shin, 5-6 years, has always been such. What this time I saw that I am not happy What do I think is porn But he said that if the marriage was not imposed Do not worry about t-shirts. "

Mother, have you warned that the picture is similar …?
Pimkhae: Never interfered with personal issues. Because it's really He's sexy. But the truth is that he has been attractive since dating. Show that he truly loved and honestly treated his children. This is an advantage. Great deal for Pandan

How do we feel like fans? Very strong criticism?
Man: I use the word used to socialize in social media. But what Pandan leaves is not a good example for young people. I think the coin has two sides. We know exactly what we do. And more people in the subconscious

Of course, marriage?
Man: Can't Say One Hundred Percent I Do Business Make Home Parents Then I'll be a slow success. I enjoy creating the future. Asked if he was afraid of the mysterious number 7 It is our destiny. But the wedding theme should be the main theme because I let him wear a lot of bikini

Is the mother ready to release this son?
Pimkae: Ready for her, she's always wise all six years.

Visit the house?
Man: Visit to see it, but this price has to be stopped. Or latest, he likes to look at the house to see all the latest looks, 60 million, but can now store 65,000

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When the mother came to the program, she once told her brave son. In the older days, unlike today?
Write: Very restless, send the front door, leaving the back door. Punch With Friends School Calls To Meet Parents In high school he is at school every year to complete 4 schools.

What is the heroism that makes Mae Tia?
Pimkhae: Competing with friends every day will die when I don't know. And then the story was restless, but he was a child in the house, no matter where he went, went home. But the story of the mother's mother, not taking it into the house. Mom woke up to the bathroom and heard a woman's voice. I went down and said to reach 3, why did I go home? How do women come with men? Then let me call a taxi to send women home And many cruel mothers called forever

Son, mother, flirt?
Phimkhae is very flirting, 3 years old, he went to the pile and went to see the older bird and fell in love with Nok Nok until the age of 7. Then, on his birthday, he took the ring to wear him.

But now the man is the main pillar of the house?
Pimkhae: Yes, come back and turn your hands forward.

What is our turning point?
Man: with age and life events Every second time afterwards it can't be played Destroyed gun We came to think about the nature we have. We must stop now. Another turning point is to hear the mantras. I felt my mother was worried but couldn't talk to us. I decided to order.

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