Tuesday , February 7 2023

Congratulations to DJ Dada Sayyes, a Korean friend proposing to get married


Get ready for the second round, DJ Dada announces good news! Insert a picture with a ring of a Korean guy on his knees to suggest Friends flowed with joy.

Good stories for the last month of the year DJ Dada Warinda Damrongphon Announcing good news! Preparing to marry a Korean friend in the second round After last night (December 20, December 5), the husband knelt to rejoice in the love of a close friend.

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after DJ Daada Has posted a picture wearing a ring with a message “And I said ‘Yes’ ?❤❤ ???” With a red heart ring emoticon and a smiling face. Don’t miss out, come in and greet each other, whatever DJ Nui, Khamwichayanee, Watermelon Nida, Opal Panisara, Emmy Morakot, Ramsamai etc.

To a new Korean friend that this groom They are 7 years younger than a DJ, and the woman debuted in which she studied last year. In addition to similar temperaments and great care, the man also got along well with DJ Daada’s beloved son.

Thanks to the photo IG: djdada

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