Wednesday , March 22 2023

"Che Daeng" Yaowapa sent a lawsuit against this majesty Learn to flee abroad


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"Che Daeng" sent a lawyer to sue people for offense, the court appointed an appointment to investigate March 4th. Defame Ready to check online media, whether someone is accused of slander or not, if he is found to be suing

On January 15, Mr Thanakorn Ruakwari, as a lawyer from Mrs Yaowapa Wongsawat, the wife of former Somach Wongsawat, said that on 14 January Mrs Ms. Yaowapa was entitled to sue him. Mr Sermsuk Kasitapradit As the owner of a Facebook user named "Sermsuk kasitipraditX", is a defendant of the Criminal Court About the accusations of various advertisements in the case of Sermsuk Post Face, from 20 to 29 December 2018, slander, confirming the facts, concluded that Mrs Yaowapa together with a rice pledge case and now being called an accused The second G-2 lottery affair is between the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NCC) and sent to court. And will freeze assets Including home sales And fled abroad What is wrong If Ms. Yaowapa is damaged Therefore, losing her reputation, being unworthy, hostile, the lawyer was ordered to sue Sermsuk, which the court concluded on March 4, 2019 at Sermsuk. 13.30. Also online whether someone is accused of defamation or not. If found, contact the court immediately.

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