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Channel 3 Tale This Morning – Seven ghost villages


January 28, 2019 | 14 minutes 21 seconds

Behind the scenes Get to know the deadly ghost gang of ghostly dummies with 7 tempting characters. Visiting Family Fun With a Small Powder A bad little boy in the story Mary – Thippada Myers

Ghost Fitter played by Sun-Chayanat Rungruengwiwat

The bride's father, played by Tali Thaweepanphan

Ghikkuk played Grace – Nattha Boonchomphaisan

Ghost Police played Sam-Phenphichunbun

Clown Ghost played by luxury – Piyawat Ratana Luxury

Asian younger brother – Dr. Natata – Ghost Toilet

Ghost Girl played by Dr. Janisara In

The ghost gang has come to the forefront of the awful hallucinations. And join in to unlock the secrets of each doll and protect missionsMary Escape From The Evil Under the principle that #Good boy, ghost doll will protect

Drama fans come to follow the seven ghost doll horror ghost doll drama. Every Monday – Tuesday at 12:00 20:15 on Channel 3

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