Tuesday , March 21 2023

Burned 5 bodies and killed the victim



The villagers joined the cremation, burned 5 bodies, and the victims of the murder were lifted to separate the kitchen in 2 temples. Most grudgingly want to be fulfilled

Pook Theerapol Pinamorn or Pu, 38 years old, used firearms to shoot Firearms use, 9 mm shot, Mr. Wirat Kingkaew, 48-year-old Uttaradit and shot by Honey Intharasit, aged 48, Mae Ya, Nam Pha Intharasit, 48 years old age, Mrs Honey, twin sister Kanokwan Intharasit, 53-year-old, Honey Sister, died on January 13 before this morning, police will be able to arrest Mr Theeraphon in Ranong Province, as suggested.

Latest achievement at. 15.30 January 15 Guild Staff, Wat Pho Mai Temple After completing the investigation, you have completed 5 dead bodies To prove the completion of the case at Phuttachin Ratchatum Hospital, Phitsanulok Province, two temples were killed, namely Koh Wari Temple, Phaya Maen District, Phichai District, Uttaradit Province . Who is the wife of the accused

And Ban Dong Temple, 2 Organizations, Nam Pha and Kanokwan Going to the Burning Ceremony in Sediments The villagers of the village helped build the temple in both villages with many relatives and neighbors. The atmosphere is sad.

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Ekkarat Kwanghang, a 31-year-old who was affiliated with Mr Theerapol, said that on the day before the five institutions were killed, Mr Thiraphon objected to Mrs Kanyar. Who is Mr. Theeraphon, pulling out a weapon that threatens his wife Before his father's shooting To fall to death Because he thought his father would fight then he shot and shot his wife and sister Suprat Kamhang and her husband Suprat. While driving to avoid the corn forest Then informed the police When the police arrived, he came out of the corn forest. What was shot with your fingers Rescue personnel taken to the Uttaradit hospital Who wants the police to be most responsible

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