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Book 4 Mar – Apr 4 Rite Medal

Book 4 Mar - Apr 4 Rite Medal

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Coronation R.10 3 types of 10 items

The Treasury Department created a commemorative coin. Commemorative Coins And Commemorative Medal During the Coronation Ceremony held on May 4, 2019 with the most expensive coins There is a Platinum Commemorative Coin Sales price of 1 million baht per coin, open for all three types of coins from 4 March to 4 April 2019 .

The Treasury Department created a commemorative coin. Commemorative Coins And Commemorative Medal During the Cornish Ceremony, May 4, 2019, Celebrate His Majesty King Bintornthepthep Yawarangkun, Minister of Finance, Apisak Tantivorawong, discovered that this Royal Medal of the Treasury Department has produced 3 types of coins, including 3 commemorative coins , price includes commemorative coin, gold type, price 19,000 baht, polished type, price 40,000 baht for coin, production under reservation, no more than 50,000 coins, silver commemorative coin, price type 1000 baht, polished type, price 3000 bahtu for a coin made during the reservation, a coin of up to 100,000 coins and white metal (copper blended with a price of 20 baht, ordinary type, 20 baht coin, after a reservation, no more than 5 million dollars)

The Minister of Finance pointed out 3 types of commemorative coins, namely platinum commemorative coins. Sales price of 1 million baht per piece Production after reservation, no more than 1,000 coins, special black sand silver commemorative coins. The selling price of 5,000 baht per piece for one reservation is a maximum of 100,000 coins and special black sandblasting commemorative coins. The sale price of 3,000 baht per piece produced under the reservation amount does not exceed $ 100,000, while the commemorative coins are decorated with men's and women's types sold at a price of 1600 baht for every $ 500,000.

Amnuay Primanwong, Director General of the Treasury Department, said the Treasury Department had collaborated with Krung Thai Bank Public Company, Thai Postal Company, and Counter Service Co., Ltd., across the country. Open as a spare unit, commemorative coins and commemorative coins. It is planned to open it for bookings from 4 March to 4 April 1964 in the following locations: Treasury Departments, Treasury Department, Soi Aree Samphan, Rama VI Road, Bangkok 2nd Kasan Pananurak Medal Museum, Chakkraphong Road, Bangkok 3rd Currency Management Office, Phahonyothin Road, Pathum Thani Province 4th Treasury Office, 76 Territories Countrywide 5. Thanarak 1 Island, Ratchadamnoen Road, Chiang Mai Province 6th Treasury House 2, City Hall, Songkhla Province In addition can be ordered at Krung Thai Bank Public Limited Company, Thai Postal Company, Counter Service Co., Ltd., except for platinum coins with a price of 1 million baht.

The Director General of the Treasury indicated that 1 person can reserve 1 right per 1 ID card number. It shows the nationality of Thailand issued by the government All coin types are as follows: Commemorative coin consists of 1 polished gold coin, 1 polished silver coin, white metal medal (copper mixed nickel), up to 20 coins and commemorative coin consisting of platinum medal . Unlimited reservations But no more than the amount produced Silver coins with blasting, sand blasting, 1 coin, black copper, sand blast, 1 coin

Mr. Amnuay also said this to place a coin at the time of booking Or send by post From June 1, 2019, until the commemorative medal or medallion Order only at the Treasury Department Who will inform the distribution schedule Proceeds from the sale of commemorative coins after deduction of expenses Submit His Majesty King King Serve as royal hospitality

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