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"Big Fort" invites Ket Wat Phra Phutthabant


"General Pravit" interests are worth "Luang Pu Kham Phun" Nakhon Phanom over 32 million baht to contribute to the construction of Phra Maha Chedi. Budget is not less than 400 million

On November 3 at 10:00 in Wat Khos Sawang, Khok Sawang, Pla Pak, Nakhon Phanom, Prapol Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister with Minister of Defense, General Adul Sangsingkeo, with a staff member. Dr. Virachai Tonmatta Deputy Chief of Police General Tharakorn Tham Winit General Department 2 Gen. Boonmanee. processed aluminum The former Royal Thai Navy's chief of staff, Siam Sirimongkol, Governor of Nakhon Phanom, as well as the local community leaders in the areas of merit offer the annual unity of Kathina. In order to contribute to the capital, Phra Maha Chedi Khon Pinyo Sri Phanom. Buddhist worship Creating a Buddha. These include the royal family or Luang Pu Kham Khon Poseo Abbot Abbot Wat Mahachai. The famous teacher. The line makes Easter meditation Good practice in practice. I have my faith. And it was the Mekong god.

Luang Pu Kham Khon Poseo, former abbot of Wat Mahachai, Pla Pak District, Nakhon Phanom Province, was on November 24, 2003, Siri was 88 years old and 71 years old, and his disciples dropped the phononics. She kept in the hall of the sermon. Be Buddhists This is a blessing. To date, it has been waiting for more than 15 years for the cremation ceremony.

Wat Khammangkam, Ban Khok Sawang, Luang Pu Kham I developed a temple size in the army, Pravit Vongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. They urged the building of the consecrated ones. Because of faith. At work in the area 20 years ago, the invitation. They believed it very much. As Kathin was over 82 million in the first year, he continued to give merit. Expectedly, in 2019, the budget will end at least 400 million at this time. The merits are 32,185,295 million baht.

The temple is Khao Mungkam, Ban Phon Sawang, Khok Sawang, Pla Pak and Nakhon Phanom is another important church. Phra Boromaratchawan or Luang Pu Kham Khon Poseo, the former abbot of Wat Mahachai. Development is the source of wisdom. First of all. Like a famous teacher. Vipassana Meditation After the disease is immersed. On Sunday, November 24, 2003, the tigers were 89 years old, 59 years old and remained in Wat Mahathai. Buddhists worshiped. Waiting at the cremation ceremony The museum is under construction. Suvarnabhumi or Luang Pu Kham Khon Poseo to keep the mind of the student. Including the Buddhist. I loved, loved and studied history.

Construction site Rattanakosom Sodthabat Sri Phanom Khosaphanno, Wat Kosmasanaram, Ban Phon Sawang, Khok Sawang, Pla Pak, Nakhon Phanom, started work on January 9, 2015. Great charity. Pravit under Wongsuwan Gen. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. Commander of Army Command The 17th, soldiers of the faith. Luang Pu Kham Khon Pun Pho, a famous teacher, has been working in the border area for 10 years. Until this monument is built. In the area of ​​the church, where people may believe to donate. And buy more. You must love the origin of construction.

Presently, more than 80 percent of the memories are moving. The church is inside and a museum. Buddhist Learning Resources This is a place where you can study the story of the famous monk. Luang Pu Kham Panso (Phra Sunthornorn) with the collaboration of believers to contribute to the capital. Pagoda structure with 5 floors and staircase on top of the pagoda is 59 meters wide, 59 meters long and 59 meters high, with total budget of not less than 400 million baht, totaling about 80 meters. When completed, the Nakhon Phanom Province will have a new tourist attraction that will affect the tourism industry.

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