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BGC has 6 rabbits for girls "Rabbit Girls Competition 2019"

In the BGC club in the 2019 season, "BGG" has 6 girls in the competition "2019 Girls' Training Competition".

November 14, 2006 The "Kaklu Girls' Competition in 2019," the Viking Tree Resort, Khon Kaen's latest reunion, announced the results of 6 people selected as rabbit girls. Club's 2019 season.

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It turns out that the 6 people who made the pumpkin girl in 2019 include "Blue", rose flower, Straw Thanyaluck Silver Arts, "BB" Pornpasit Pichitcha, "Beam" Natcha Phatthanangrit, "Aris" Arisara Black and " Oo "Narriporn also meets. Miss Beauty has a friendly vote of 20 members. This prize is for Jinnah Jidap Kanchanapun.

According to "BB Baby," Pornpatch Pachikart said after being selected as a rabbit girl in 2019, "BB was excited about the choice. But I'm proud of myself. We are glad that our efforts have been successful. However, it will evolve to serve the best." club and fan. "

Like Aristophanes, Arisara Black said that. Thank you to the board of judges who currently selected 6 people for us to become a rabbit girl in 2019. "

Mr. Voradej Kritayakorn, BGC Communications Communications Manager, said the project "We finally got six girls in the rabbit competition in 2019. This year's profile is better than last year. We have to say that the project is not over yet, we There are still about Grand Fire, of which 6 are ranked for another prize. We will be running January 12, 61. Zeer Rangsit. See forum posts and the next upcoming club action. "

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