Thursday , August 22 2019
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AAIB reveals small "Zala" plane parts – innnews

The UK Aircraft Accident Investigation Department or AAIB discovered the opening of small aircraft seat parts. It is expected to be released from Emiliano Zala, Jane Stein shooting stars, plane Who disappeared during the flight across the Isle of Man before 21 January Swimming around Surrey beach in Gauteng Peninsula Or on the French coast of Normandy

The 28-year-old Argentinean bow leader led a move from Nantes to Cardiff with a charge of 15 million pounds before the island disappeared. Monday, January 21st, Supported by the Support Unit Before Thursday's Cancellation Due to the fact that he believed that Zala had no chance to survive before finding the latest clues today

After Some Parts of the Aircraft Repeated to force the authorities to find the official seabed remnants of the seabed And there will be a 3-day period that is expected to be underwater this weekend.

The AAIB spokesman said: "BEC has told us that it has found seat parts on Suarezville beach. On the Gauteng Peninsula Then there was another place in the same area.


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