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4 Songkla's award-winning prince of scientists 61 achieved the results of cancer research – eating cholera vaccine

January 30, Siriraj Hospital, Dr. Prasit Wattanapa, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidola University Together with the prince of Prince Mahidola of 2018, including Prof. Dr. Brian J. Druker, Professor of Internal Medicine And Director of Knight Cancer Institute University of Oregon Medicine and Science, USA, Prof. Mary Clare King, Professor of Medical Genetics Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Washington, United States, both recipients of medical awards And Prof. Dr. John D. Clemens, Director of International Diarrhea Research Center Bangladesh And Professor Wutthikun Phawithaya University of California, Los Angeles, USA Professor Dr. Yon R. Holmgren Professor of Medical Microbiology Director of the Vaccine Institute at the Gothenburg University of Sweden and both are recipients of the Public Health Award. Attended an interview during a media meeting

Prof. Dr. Brian said that imatinib development is one of the major medicines for targeted cancer treatment used to treat chronic lymphoblastic leukemia. Patients who received regular medications were found to reduce the severity of Death and Disability, but if the drug is not received, the patient will have severe symptoms until death within 3 years. Creating knowledge for the development of targeted therapies for many other types of cancer helps to improve the quality of life of patients with extensive blood cancer.

Mary said that a study on genetic genes that cause breast cancer in women This finding led to the development of a breast cancer screening kit with gene detection. Making it possible for people at risk to be screened and planning effective cancer surveillance

John John discusses research. And with Prof. And America But studying the vaccine against cholera, eating more effectively than the injection vaccine

While Dr. Yon said that immunity studies prevent the type of cholera of type IA What is produced on the gastrointestinal mucosa Results of these studies together Show it Eating vaccines are more effective to stimulate cholera immunity than injecting vaccines. And presented the World Health Organization findings in 1970, making the World Health Organization's decision to end the use of cholera vaccines And changed to a vaccine


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