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100 People Changing – The World's Restless Business Game "AI – Big Data"

Please contact ASEAN 100, the special edition of Prachachart Business Newspaper, dated 15-18 November, with PTT Public Company Limited, the 100 most profitable companies in ASEAN. The Thai energy giant committed itself to becoming one of the top-earning companies with revenues of 1.99 trillion baht.

The company at the end is Venture Corporation technology companies from Singapore with a revenue of 9.8 billion.

25 Thai companies join ASEAN 100

Companies in Thailand ranked ASEAN 100, there are 25 companies, and this year, the top 100 rated Thailand ranked 100 companies with the highest revenue from companies listed on the Thai stock market. What are the followers?

Interviews with the top ten executives of state-owned enterprises and consumer behavior change in the digital era. Under the heading "People are changing – the troubled world: AI business game – Big Data" access. The real need for consumers is the one who has the opportunity to win today's business games.

The business giant "Big Data" is struggling.

In recent years, there has been a debate about the "hot start" that leads to new business models. But the latest study by IBM's Investment Business Valuation indicates that the current dreaded start-up has dropped.

And still can not fit into the traditional business throne. As the traditional large business groups have the advantage of taking Big Data and Big Data to reach and understand consumers, the proud and aggressive genius of technology is taken seriously.

Or work with the company to get started to change the digital age. IBM Research For example, BMW's luxury car uses the experience of Uber to provide customized car services that meet consumer needs, such as car sharing. Short-term car rental Or rent a car for hours.

Decode 10 for business giants

ASEAN 100 In 2018, Transformers – A Worry World: AI Games – Big Data "has decoded the 10 most adaptable models in Thailand. To change the consumer. Or, the trend in the world has changed.

1. BTS Group Holdings Plc., Managing the Gin Kanyanapas, has strengthened the ownership of BTS SkyTrain throughout Bangkok. As a backbone in conjunction with the consumer. Transformed into a great data creator, which is an exciting city consumer creator.

2. MK Restaurant Co., Ltd., known as the "MK Restaurant", has expanded its chain of restaurants. But MK's interesting milestone is the expansion of the front line of food business in the logistics business. Joint venture with the "Seno Group" giant logistics from Japan.

3. CP. The Seven Eleven Top-Shop Shop Best Than People Do not Know. In addition to expanded coverage across the country, more than 10,000 affiliates offer new services that come in all forms of life.

One of the SEVEN events in this era when banks cut their branches to reduce costs. It is to serve as. "A refund can be obtained from the" 24-hour service agent ", including the latest." VAT "for a foreign tourist. And the jump in the logistics battlefield is full. Challenges for Thai and Kerry Express traders.

4. "Chanaphan Jungrungruangkit" ("Chanaphan Jungrungruangkit"), Thai Summit Auto Parts Company, spoke of the big wave of change in the automotive industry to go into the world of electric vehicles and motor vehicles. Ride It could destroy the traditional car manufacturers' supply chain.

And the chance for new players. Especially company Electronics Be. Major auto parts manufacturers in the future.

The new GC game for "plastic" is a villain.

5. Surat Pong PTT Global Chemical Plc Chief Executive Officer and President, or GC, the world's largest integrated petrochemical company. The origin of plastic products and packaging is a challenge for the world to be aware of and focus on the environment, reducing plastic waste by making "plastics" a key player in the environment. How does a plastic generator work How do business models adapt to global trends and change consumer behavior?

6. Bangkok Airways Plc. Airline's management of Bangkok Airways due to intense airline business competition. In particular, games reduce the price of cheap airlines. Oil price fluctuations are a big business cost. The growth in airline operations is not easy, so the Bangkok Airways business line is "nonaero". In a way that transforms "competitors" into "customers"

People change – the world (business) is choppy

7. Banking is a sector that is faced with severe digital disturbances. Thai banks have turned to an endless level over the last two years. Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has announced a business model. "Back to Somerset," Thanee Genius, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer. To keep pace with changing consumer behavior. The so-called. "People are changing – the world's choppy"

8. Ayudhya or BAY Bank is another fast-moving digital solution tailored to "create a new world and repair the old world." Krungsri Consumer and Chairman, Thakorn Piyaphan Digital Banking Administration

And the BAY innovations open up a new global banking model to make it an open platform for partners. Together with the business model "Big Data"

9. Ploenchit Plc. Property Development Or Golden Land Thanapol Sirithanachai President Real Estate Giant. Describe different business models. Balanced Port Revenues from 2 Segments are residential projects. With the revenue of the port from "rent" and from the office building. And the mixed projects of the "Three Neighboring Cities" have collaborated with Co-Occupy Space, an international alliance that transforms the office building business.

And 10. "Prathana Kasemsri Na Ayudhya" Managing Director True Corporation and Digital Storm Entertainment This allows consumers to access content at any time. And create new service models and rivals to change the landscape of the industry. How to change the gaming business with the goal of becoming a leader. "Content and Media Business"

Get acquainted with ASEAN 100: AI-Big Data business games in the Prachachat Business Newspaper, November 15-18.

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