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[รีวิวเกม] Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ideal for mass players

Resident Evil 2 Remake

graphic design

9.0 / 10

Fun game

9.0 / 10

Worth playing again

9.5 / 10


7.5 / 10


9.0 / 10


  • The original unique design was very good in contemporary style.
  • There are many games, not boring.
  • Graphics are quite terrible, suitable for the game atmosphere.
  • Calling back to the game is good.
  • Extending to the original version can be deeper, more memorable.


  • The story was squeezed with the same thing 20 years ago, making something new.
  • These two-character play scenes are no different – the size that characterizes 2 story lines.

More than 20 years from Resident Evil 2 The original version released in 1998 has been rampant. And continue the legendary game that uses the word Survival horrors From the game Resident Evil And continued until new birth Resident Evil 2 Remake It happens RE Engine This improves graphics with a new style of gameplay. So the return allows the player to wait for the biggest game. With this new game, there are many things that have changed a lot for those who play the original version as well as a reputation and a friendly system with new players. So there is another game that invites those who have never played the original version to enjoy. And important though PC And popular consoles, for example PS4 And Xbox With

Not a long time to get to the story. Given the impression that every part wants to speak for quite some time

Upon arrival of the game engine Capcom Develop yourself RE Engine Has increased the level of aesthetics and flexibility in game development within the company. What we see in this change game Resident Evil 7 Then the graphics can create a mysterious atmosphere with different shades. Up to detailed information on the various methods that create a lot of horror Special flesh and blood parts Is this corpse overwhelmingly creepy, perfectly suited to the horrifying horror genre as if watching a desert forest Evil Dead It does not include many different character models that look more realistic. But it should be noted that the western model has many foreigners (this is the character of potatoes!) But it looks like it does not look like a Chinese app, a Korean program that is pretty beautiful at the time. RE7 It's also hard to say as a game developer style or game engine.

In which RE2 remake It was when the scene changed after the forest house of the forest stand came to Raccoon City. Clearly, the game engine is still able to perfectly pass on beauty Both the details of the building and the building, the shadow, the fires that have burned between the ruins of the street To the inside of the building that has the hall Or the narrow passage without light, with a flashing light, a wonderful glow, all controls beauty and horror simultaneously

But frustration is private The game is unable to create the feeling that it is a city where people live well. Images are rarely visible. (The widest part of the game is the game.) We are often on a narrow road line that makes the queue come because all the shops are decorated with unconventional scenes. Instead of avoiding some enemies, it is still good to actually have some scenes outside the building. And don't use much space At the same time, looking at the window, he saw only the biggest darkness. And you must be able to see the details of the city devastated by the destruction of this city. And the second part is RE7 There is a story that has many strange carcasses, the frost is often very rough, with some rough texture that can be a constraint on the machine.

And it answers questions that are inseparable from the episodes RE7 If the game had a non-western model, what would it be? Get the answer Ada It was prepared to get a good Asian look Beautiful, more humane than a cartoon But at the same time saw the size of the eyebrows of the Far East that had to be written on these eyebrows. Maybe the character of this game is like. I personally think the characters are careless, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and can be done quite well. Like a color policeman or a gun shop owner, a golden doll, but as a pretty beautiful character, there will be some signs of a hard-to-see nature. Some people don't think so and like it is possible

In this industry, the game is a combination of previous franchise styles. What is the angle of the camera, the view of the third person across the shoulder, which is suitable for controlling the performance of modern activities To make playback easier than CCTV And has the advantage of helping to explore the scene and solve various puzzles with more sizes But it comes with a shot that requires more skill the goal Believe that many people have a problem with this goal The more time it takes to have a little time, it's simple, if not really, the game has the easiest difficulty with automatic target mode. And if you think the standard level is simple The game has a tough landing level that is bloodier, both enemies and safe to repress.

At the same time, the game retains the same difficulty in managing the resources to be kept. With the same storage system that is limited Increase your thinking challenge before solo planning in each round To reach Doraemon's safe point and four-dimensional treasure box, which can be linked to any stored objects from anywhere That helps to burden the slot system. However, it was exchanged for a hard-working game, where players might have had to move several times to collect items and then put them in storage, waiting for the broom to not be used to carry the main weapons. Secondary weapons such as bombs or knives needed to help survive the first attack And, of course, the different types of drugs that come in three different ways, including life-restoring, poisoning, and a temporary defense card

The more games have a combination of different systems, the more flexible it becomes. Easier than herbs and mixed gunpowder becomes an item that can eat the same space. It makes it harder to use more storage space with accessories, etc.

And when the game is meant for players to go back and forth often Increased persecution from difficult levels and hard to put pressure on Both zombies who kidnapped and shattered their weak heads to make a mistake. Zombies with different tolerances, some shooting 2-3 times, but some of them shoot until they are dead. And some people think they are dead and come back to play Plus again, zombies are still struggling when they approach us at a certain level. It is also called extraordinary pressure, which also includes zombies, which often come at the time of attack, when they are unable to open the door and then immediately face or walk in the dark. Life is red.

And a little harder, namely, mutants like lickers What is sensitive to sound and has a couple of jaws that can kill us He also jumped onto the island wall and offended him. What makes us play without negligence in both strategies (If you see it for the first time) or struggle, you need to be sure about the ammunition and the type of weapon, because we are faced with an enemy that is well guarded and tolerable. In this group there are zombies, plants that have a unique killing method, otherwise they are revived and monsters in groundwater can release small parasites to attack.

And maybe you need to include zombies, giant crocodiles to drive to avoid the attack. And the human character that kidnaps the little cherry that we have to control, Sherry is hiding from arrest. This is another group of enemies that need a special game. And speaking of the most difficult enemy, it would not be a boss G With many institutions And it can make your head as hot as possible Mr.X Who led us as an iron man The more stroke he had gone, then we were a nemesis to see the zombie. Do the Laker and then .. hard to describe

As for the characters we choose to play, they add more versatile games because Leon and Kim have different weapons. Leon has focused on balance. While Claire had to focus more on the base rhythm, because many weapons actually cause damage But lose the rhythm of ammunition shifts Which player should check each use of each weapon In addition, when playing at a certain moment, we will be able to control other characters, such as ADA, in a short period of time uses a system based on hackers or cherries that have no weapons but can steal. This creates a monotonous game.

That is why our games must be wide open. Adapted to the worksheet as a title Survival horrors In fact, both ambushes are faced with enemies who have not yet seen us Or escape if you see more chance of survival You can focus on prevention by collecting wooden items to block the zombies from entering the outside to increase the number. including the use of ammunition and drugs. Will choose to fight as needed Are fighting with them All of them are able to support different players to play fun. Also note the enemy design and scene Including various puzzle mechanisms that challenge the player to constantly play Making the adventure less boring There is only a chance to win the whole way forward. If you are asked if there is a hard walk after the game that is most awkward Mr.X Not knowing where it will be, roar and nails on stage, knowing that Laker should hide nearby, and the rhythm of naked cherry tree control in the house to close Escape This gives a sense of hallucination RE7 At the beginning


This is the excellence of this game. Because it calls players to play more As there are two characters that will have their own story line No matter what option is played before the other, it affects the story. Only players who want to see the full game scene must take 4 rounds. When the game is finished, there is also the opening of the character scene bonus Hunk Come play in limited mode and skip the zombies from the city in the shortest time with the least amount of statistics. And when it's gone, the new character will still open Tofu Tofu is hard but with more restrictions.

When it comes to statistics, quick play has to come back, saying that the game also has an end point from the least time of the game. So it is not surprising why there are so many runoffs. Not because he rushed to sell used boards in any way. But the level of completion of each challenge is challenging and opens up various bonuses.

And the way Capcom I also continue to take action to attract players for a long time. And by registering our statistics to show the world, who will challenge players every week To win the challenge, the Trophy is a gold medal to show qualities. However, a player must apply and accept a contract to provide game information. And the developer still has a release plan DLC Free lure for players to play again Like to play as a first person character who did not survive the expansion of details RE2 May be more interesting I believe that the camp should be something similar so that players are not sold easily.

This strategy must say that it is really great.


Let's talk about the most important parts. But the least compared to wow at the beginning Personal opinion is more suitable for people who are in the same game. Because they know the main story well. There is also knowledge in the opposite direction, such as 1 and 3, which can ignore many unreasonable reasons. And enjoy what details are better. Many depths For example, the roles of the owner of a gun shop What are compressed, tears, and so on. คือ เชื่อ ด้วย เลย เลย แฟน เดิม ัก ัก ัก ัก ัก ัก ัก

ขณะ ที่ มอง น เล่น ค ค ั้ง ั้ง ั้ง ั้ง ั้ง ั้ง ปู พื้น มา น้อย ไป ว่า ้า ึง ึง ไป ัก ัก ัก แต่ เนื้อเเนื้อเ เล่นเล่น ื อน กัน

ด้าน เนื้อเ ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง เ สาว น้อย แ ล ์ ู่ ู่ ู่ ู่ ู่ ู่ ตำ จ เพ เพ าะ าะ าะ าะ าะ าะ าะเพ ียบ เป็น เอ ฟ ไอ มา ดี ดี ู่ ู่ ู่ ู่ ดี ดี ู่ ู่

ล้าย ไป ใต้ดิน ป ิศนา ิศนา ิศนา ิศนา ิศนา ิศนา ก ั บ พ่อ แม่ เชอ ์ ์ แ แ ลี่ ลี่ ลี่ ลี่

จ ิง ๆ เนื้อเ ื่อง ล้าย ล้าย ล้าย ล้าย ล้าย ล้าย ล้าย ล้าย ล้าย ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง แบบ เป็นกา แบบ แบบ แบบ Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run สอง แทบ ไม่ เหมือน เ า า ค ค ั้ง ั้ง ั้ง ั้ง ั้ง ั้ง กำพ ้า ้า ้า ั ั เล่า เ ื่อง ื่อง ื่อง ื่องเ นื้ อ เรื่อง เป็น ส่วน ที่ รู้สึก ว่า โอ เค แต่ ไม่ ว้า ว อะไร ครับ สำหรับ การ เล่น ครั้ง แรก เหมือน เอาใจ เกม เม อ ร์ ฉบับ ดั้งเดิม มากกว่า

นี่ อ น น น ือ ือ ือ ือ ือ ือ ือ ือ ือ ือ ือ โคตร ของ ต ต ุ้ม คค ค ับ ค ับ ียด ียด ียด ียด ียด ียด ียด ียด บ ทุก น น วาม วาม วาม วาม ุณ ุณ ุณ วาม วาม วาม วาม วาม


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