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Wu Yining responded to the attitude to stay strong and strong. Netizens cried: elected president – Zhongshi News

The Democratic Progressive Party in nine elections was defeated, and agricultural areas and cities were almost lost. He Yinning, Beinong's Chief Executive, was released yesterday. She replied today to stay on the subject and her attitude was very strong. She narrowed down her "political achievements" and criticized the outside world for saying she was "highly paid" rather than going to the council for legal advice. She can not lean on a strong "lie." Indirectly, she looked at her attitude to defend herself and praised the "President of 2020".

A few days before Jiuheu's election, two farmers in Yunnil turned to the political program, complaining that farmers in the Yudang era of the South Yudang, farmers earned money. After Wu Yinning took office, the subscription price appeared to be very low in one digit when the farmer suffered. Undeniably Another Changhua farmer said after the election that the fertilizer store and the pesticide store can be recharged first and the glasses are broken and wrapped with a ribbon to continue to use it. The outside world has reviewed the DPP's agricultural and urban livelihoods. The current general manager of Wu Yining can be one of the reasons for defeat.

Wu Yining answered the question that he is staying today and his attitude was extremely strong. He detailed his "political achievements" for the Northern Agriculture reform, including the export of agricultural products to Singapore, Singapore and the first market reconstruction case. Her philosophy has always been the same, she thinks she needs to do is to run a business.

Wu Yinning said he just wanted to manage the nation's largest production and sales platform. She has always supported that there is no need to push the advertising, pragmatically solve problems and solve problems, including the reconstruction of the fish market, the export of fruits and vegetables, etc. Unfortunately, there have always been He has too many rumors and horrors directed against Bei Nong and around him. . She still talks about her salary and says she's very well paid. She is still talking about her question that he does not have to come to the question in accordance with the law.

Wu Yinning stressed that her attitude would not change. She will have a pragmatic meeting with Taiwanese farmers and agriculture and will actually address these issues. It is not important for a person to stay and decide to leave it on the board. She can not lean on a "strong lie."

In view of Wu Yinning's excessive attitude, "PTT" political blackboard users rated "I declare the presidential election for 2020", "end of the year", "peasant movement goddess 510 does not seem to rumors and insists on the concept of murder," "chose the President lets KMT win the food store and lose the river. "" The Water 510 Goddess came out of sour pain! "" Well, my great DPP has such a talent, "" I still insist on the law, I do not want to ask. " "Sour sorry, 2020 only supports Wu (coinning) Cai (English), double goddess", "demand for useless production and sale XDDDDD", "Goddess really dominates!", "Water decided by council, increase", " "Yining racers are out!"

(The Chinese Times)

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