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Wan Hao's opinion: From "China's goodwill and public opinion", "combination theory" – wind media

Wan Hao's viewpoint: "Theory of Combination" from China's goodwill and public opinion viewpoint

Recently, the "Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation" announced the goodwill and resentment of the Taiwanese population against some countries in the world, with 48.8% sentiment in Mainland China for the first time exceeding resentment by 43.9%. According to the report, Yu Yinglong, founder of the fund, said he was surprised by the data and he was surprised at the same time he felt that the people of Taiwan on the mainland were "Stockholm syndrome", which means that China persecuted Taiwan but it would be emotional feelings of injuries. At the same time, many scientists have interpreted this data. Is it bad that the people of Taiwan tend to be positive on the mainland? In fact, the above data can be considered as 55 waves, indicating that the public feels quite different from mainland China. Regardless of the factors behind this change, at least we have seen that the people of Taiwan do not pay for the current straitjacket policy, and they have their own point of view, of course, they will have their own methods. It is a warning to politicians at the top of the Green Camp, but Green Camp representatives believe they can win the ruling power, but other factors are in agreement with their strait politics. Concerns about the 2020 elections. However, if we look at the future of Taiwan, the improvement of society in the sense of the continent is not an idea of ​​a reduction in hostility, or is it hoped that it will reduce hostility? We must be happy, not horrified, especially in the case of the increasing strains of straits, if our citizens are increasingly excited about China, they will even lead to a deadlock in confrontation, but what can we rely on? Confrontation? On the other hand, if the continental population's goodwill against Taiwan continues to decline and resentment continues to rise, should we be very happy? In trying to achieve goodwill from the people of the continent, we have to do, and the struggle for good feelings does not mean that we will move. The replacement of negotiations with Taiwan is the right way.

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