Tuesday , October 26 2021

US stock market – Amazon to bear market, strong economic data, Dow Jones closed for 6 consecutive weeks |


Friday (1.) The latest US economic data suggest that the United States has created more jobs than expected in the previous month, although Amazon's entry into the bear market still does not exclude US stock growth, and Dow Jones and Nasdaq have already closed for six consecutive weeks. High.

Friday (1) Four key figures for US stock:

  • The US stock market Dow Jones index increased by 64.22 points or 0.26% to close 25063.89 points.
  • The S&P 500 Index increased by 2.43 points or 0.09% to 2706.53 points.
  • The Nasdaq Index fell by 17.87 points or 0.25% to 7263.87 points.
  • The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index increased by 15.31 points or 1.20% to close at 1287.40 points.

The Dow Jones and S&P 500 Index reached the highest monthly growth since 2015, and two key stock indices continued to rise on Friday (1).

Of the 11 S&P 500 index industries in the US, ADR, consumer discretion and utilities decreased, IT stocks led to profits followed by energy and telecom services.

In terms of fangs, Amazon (AMZN-US) dropped by 5.38% on Friday, mainly due to an increase in investment and the new e-commerce law in India, which caused panic that was not optimistic about earnings prospects and pushed the market out of urging Amazon to cover market.

Apple (AAPL-US) increased by 0.048%, Netflix (NFLX-US) increased by 0.10%, Facebook (FB-US) decreased 0.59%, and alphabet (GOOGL-US) – 0.50% .

In semiconductors, AMD (AMD-US) grew by 0.41%, Micron (MU-US) grew by 3.61%, Qualcomm (QCOM-US) rose 0.18%, Intel (INTC-US) increased by 3, 42%, Nvidia (NVDA-US) increased 0.68%

Taiwan stocks ADR blood flow! TSMC ADR (TSM-US) decreased by 0.13%, UMC ADR (UMC-US) decreased by 1.06%, Sun Moonlight Investment Control (ASX-US) decreased by 0.50%, AUO-ADR (AUO-US) ) – 1.31%, Chunghwa Telecom ADR (CHT) -US Apartment.

Sony downgraded the earnings outlook and the company's stock price dropped by 8%. (Photo: AFP)

Due to lower demand for smartphone semiconductors, Sony (SNE-US) reduced its revenue outlook when it released its revenue on Friday (1), and the company's stock price was almost 8%, which also led to the downfall of electronic professional OEM Flex (FLEX-US). ), Netease (NTES-US) and affiliated companies such as Activision Blizzard (ATVI-US) declined.

Wall Street Analysis

Finally, Wall Street is over for the biggest week, and the new round of US-China talks are over, and most of the heavy companies' financial statements have been released one by one, and the FED's "housing pigeons" are stimulating the market. Moderate, Dow Jones and Nasdaq closed sixth consecutive week.

The latest non-agricultural data show that the US economy created 304,000 jobs in January, compared with 222,000 last month, which is much higher than the economists' forecast of 165,000.

Charlie Ripley, senior investment strategist Allianz Investment Management, said: "It is good to have strong data to support the strong foundation of the economy, but there are still some uncertainties, especially global trade."

Cliff Hodge, Cornerstone Wealth Investment Manager, said: "The Amazon Profit Report shows that consumer spending in the US may fall, which may indicate a downturn."

Minh Trang, senior foreign exchange trader at the Silicon Valley Bank in Santa Clara, California, said: "The big news this week is that the Fed's tone has become somewhat modest, pointing out that tighter prospects have come to an end."

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