Friday , October 22 2021

The classic steam release of the PC platform "METAL SLUG XX" | ETtoday Game Cloud


Reporter Lou Ling / Taipei report

SNK Co., Ltd. announced that the game "METAL SLUG XX", which corresponds to the PC platform Steam, has been officially released today. It is understood that this work takes over the series "METAL SLUG X", which is the second series completed in the series. "METAL SLUG XX", originally released for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 4, will finally meet Steam platform players.

In addition, the game is equipped with a high resolution of 1080p and matches the 4K screen Players can also play the game with "Liana", which appears as a DLC character in the PSP version. The main task of the game consists of 7 levels. Enemy characters, weapons and carts as well as various institutional traps are waiting for you to challenge! There are also different routes that point to different maps and enemy characters, and more than 70 solid trainings have been prepared by beauty instructors while you are moving forward, using super-powerful mobile satellites.

In addition to "Marco", "Tama", "mile" and "Fiao", "Ralph" and "Clark", the "KOF" rage team will also be able to join the battle line, both versions of DLC. The character "Liana" is also available for players and there are 34 achievements in the game, and there are also double games in this game.

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