Tuesday , March 21 2023

The Apple Festival Ends! Analyst: Abandonment of TSMC to embrace Samsung, time will soon be – Zhongshi News


The TSMC's performance in the first half of this year may continue to suffer from weaknesses, and many foreign investors sang together, while Morgan Stanley (Dharma) analyst Charlie Chan lowered its target price from 214 yuan to 199 yuan. Galaxy Lianchang Securities analyst Peter Chan also warned that the demand for smartphones, such as Apple, is weak, and the future of TSMC is likely to worsen, perhaps to abandon TSMC's investment in other technology stocks such as Samsung.

According to US financial media reports, Zhan Yiqun was consecutive in October last year, and the TSMC rating was reduced to a reduction of 209 yuan, and since then, TSMC's stock price has fallen by about 7.8%. Zhan Yiqun stressed that his opinion on TSMC has not changed much: from the third quarter of last year to the current situation the situation has not improved, but it may become worse, because TSMC assessment is still high, more and more investors can withdraw from the TSMC. to invest in Samsung or other US growth rates that are growing faster.

"A TSMC can be a company that can replace mobile phones in the future, but I haven't seen it before." Zhan Yiqun pointed out that mobile phone applications account for 60% of TSMC revenue. This is a drop, and the TSMC forecast for 2019 is unsatisfactory.

Zhan Yiqun believes that South Korea's high-tech stocks are new market technology stocks that are cheaper than TSMC, such as Samsung's stock price ratio is only one time, and there are still new applications and demand that can become a new market investment. .

(China Times Newsletter)

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