Wednesday , March 22 2023

Sun Anzuo Turns YouTuber into a Breaking Red 泄 莺 莺 莺 – – – – Zhongshi News


After returning to Taiwan, Sun Anzuo actively participated in fitness activities and approached YouTuber, who attracted many people to watch, and immediately became a red person in the network, and on the 14th night he discovered live and netizen interactions, almost everything was done for everyone, and it also happened. The clothes showed great muscles, and some people asked about Di Di mother, and Sun Anz also responded generously.

When Sun Anzuo made a terrorist storm in the United States, he admitted that Di Di and Sun Peng had spent tens of millions of rescuers, but Di Di decided to leave the circle with his son, but he didn't approve of it. After Sun Anz returned to Taiwan, he turned to YouTuber to gain popularity, but when he opened live, he watched thousands of people watch, and during this time some people were interested in Dixie's recent situation, and he discovered that his mother is now very good. Sun Anzuo replied, "She said there was no problem!"

In fact, Sun Anzuo recently adopted another YouTube channel: "Do Not Use Study" and asked if their parents were punished after returning to Taiwan. He did not respond positively and only said, "I've been in prison for 8 months. It's a good lesson."

In addition, Sun Anzuo also talked about the feeling of being arrested in the United States at the time, saying that the first time was more than fear, it was surprised. "There is no sense of reality, feelings of" Wow, I'm caught ".

(China Times Newsletter)

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