Monday , October 18 2021

Spending 70 million shares with Warren Buffett and he lost $ 35 billion over three years and remains unemployed – Yahoo News


  1. Spending 70 million with Warren Buffett for lunch, he lost $ 35 billion in 3 years and is still unemployed.
  2. Spend 70 Million on the stock god Buffett to eat without money to fake 35 billion
  3. Chinese Men's Flower 70 Million with Buffett Lunch Three years later, the company suffered a 36 billion loss that still defended ETtoday News Cloud
  4. He spends a lot of money and eats food for the company, and the company loses money
  5. I spent a lot of money to see Buffett's good landscape, but Chinese businessmen collapsed at 35.7 billion.
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