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South Korea Yoga 2020? Li Junyi claimed he could only get out of two situations! – Zhongshi Newsletter

Mayor of Kaohsiung, South Korea, was first thrown after his post. "I will visit the United States in April and May" and the topic of the presidential election will be detonated. Even if the South Korean Yu talks are a hundred times, there is no need to choose the media, and the outside world will follow the "Korean Wave" on behalf of the South Korean mayor will be cut in the US. Before the media interview, Li Junyi, legislator for the Democratic Progressive Party, commented on the South Korean Yoga 2020 opportunity. He analyzed that he could come out in two extreme situations.

According to US media "Voice of America", 29, high city news director, Wang Shaoqiu, also confirmed that South Korea's first approved visit to the US US media interview, the schedule is around April to May. It is reported that South Korea said in an interview that Harvard University had invited him to talk at Harvard University, and five professors invited him to Kaohsiung because they were interested in Korean Yu.

For the situation in the Korean Yoga Association will choose 2020? When Li Junyi was in the political affairs program, he said that as long as Kuomintang elected the new Nordic and Tainan legislators, South Korea would certainly choose the president of 2020, and, according to the report, he thinks there are two kinds of situations, Ke Wenzhe If the amount is greater than Kuomintang and DPP, South Korea Yu will not see the CCT lose his hand, secondly, when Wang Jinping is forced to be impossible, Wang will probably ask everyone to quit and let Han elect.

In this regard, South Korea Yu said that the emphasis is only on student academic speeches, and that the outside world should not be too Lenovo. After hearing the reporter said that Li Junyi said he smiled and said, "He can be renamed Li Banxian!".

(China Times Newsletter)

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