Tuesday , October 26 2021

PlayStation 5 is close! Since Sony is already developing PS5 games.


Both Sony and Microsoft are preparing for the next generation of consoles that are secure, and the only temporary process is on release. According to several rumors, the new entrepreneur can be seen in the second half of 2019 or in 2020.

For gaming consoles it is obviously impossible to publish only hardware without games. Given that 3A games usually take 2-3 years or even longer development cycles, many studios need to be a new host development kit and start preparatory work.

This is now confirmed by Daniel Ahmad.

The well-known gaming industry analyst published an article in the ResetEra forum, stating that Sony's PlayStation first-party studio invests most of its energy in game development on the new platform.

PS5 is a development tool and I've heard positive feedback from (developers).

Given that Daniel had previously discovered precisely the inside information, this article has more credibility. Speaking of more specific news, Daniel said he was waiting for the GDC Global Games Developers Conference to be held in March and more PS5 discussions will be held.

At the 2016 GDC conference, there was news about the improved version of PS4, and in September of that year Sony officially released PS4 Pro.

In addition, Sony's first-hand game composition in the first half of 2019 was only approved at the end of April, but it is not clear whether other exclusive PS4 works will be published in the second half of the year.

Daniel added that Sony had published several announcements, while the first-party works that had not yet been approved, such as "The Last Survivor, Chapter II," "The Spirit of Horses", and "Death of Death", do not rule out the official release of these games. will choose to log on both PS4 and PS5 platforms.

At the same time, Sony also owns some unpublished games based on an existing IP product, if there is no accident, it is essentially a continuation of "Horizon: Looking to Dawn", "Marvel" and "God of War".

In October 2018, Sony's President Yoshida Yoshida interviewed the Financial Times saying the company was really developing a new generation of PlayStation.

This is the first time Sony has officially recognized the next generation of gaming consoles, but Yoshida Yoshida did not disclose the specific name of the device and whether it is backward compatible, whether it is added to the game cloud service, etc., and the hardware will change in any direction . To know.

In addition, Sony has already decided not to participate in this year's E3, the first time in 25 years. So, will Sony have another development meeting this year? Can we see the PS5 news? Answers to these questions should be answered soon.

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