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PChome Double 11's first-generation activity has grown by over 80%, LINE shopping helps increase purchases


On 11 November, a double 11th bounce was held, the first PChome 24h shopping wave showed good news and started cross-border cooperation between Japan and South Korea. The alliance's LINE shopping partner opens a surprise offer at twelve parties this evening.

Double 11 activation activities have increased by about 80% and Apple products are best sold.

According to PChome official statistics, the event is open for more than 9 days, and online casual hurry to buy people is more than twice as much as in the same period last year. The tallest record is tens of thousands of people online at the same time, and at the same time, even more than 5,000 members are added at the same time. The car is ready to be issued, the total increase in the event has increased by about 80% compared to the same period last year. For example, a billion dollar mark was sold on the first day of the smartphone, and 3C's surrounding products were sold over 10,000 a day.

Officials also revealed that because PChome's 24h shopping this year captured Taiwanese e-commerce only Apple's full authorized distribution, promoting dual 11 at the beginning, so Apple's products are best, the best selling iPhone XS 256GB.

In view of this duplicate performance duplication of 11 PChomes in 24 hours, we launched a cross-border co-operation scheme, in particular inviting Japanese and South Korean high-quality producers to participate in this online shopping event. First of all, Japan's Kyushu beef, the A4-style shoulder straw, does not slide Japan while it can be purchased online at home, as well as a local hot selling team. On the other hand, we also collaborated with Korean mobile e-commerce leader HOME & SHOPPING to launch air transport for cross-border beauty, such as a high-nourishing mask, moisturizing wrinkle cream, etc., so that beauty buffs are ready to accumulate.

Additionally, looking at the e-sports market enthusiasm, PChome's 24h shopping this year for double 11 is not only the first to open up the previous order of nearly 300,000 yuan Acer Predator Thronos esports cubicles but also found the popular popular mobile game Paradise M launched PChome × Heaven M Gunner's Limited Box, with DIY paper as a weapon and gum to start fun while taking pictures of a children's shooting game.

This year's twelve-party debut takes place, LINE shopping will help add fuel

Last year, PChome dumped 11 people, after the first international entertainment feast across Taiwan's e-commerce event last year, successfully promoting one-day event and 10 times the workday results of the "dramatic carnival ceremony" this year. Beginning with the concept in conjunction with the song and dance shows, stage plays, folk singer singing and talented cross-talk, which along with promotional content and preferential information are expected to find another wave of shopping and entertainment.

At the end of October, PChome announced it would establish an alliance with LINE Shopping. In the evening, LINE Shopping will buy the so-called strongest mysterious guests, so PChome will offer 24-hour shopping, especially for mysterious guests at 8 o'clock on Sunday. An amazing offer for an index burst table, Lido is worth the wait.

(Source: PChome Internet Internet)

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