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Mario Tennis Aces updated! Open online doubles, new characters, connection tasks

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Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Live Nintendo 2018 Nintendo 2018 In Kyoto, Nintendo announced that Mario Tennis Aces will be released on December 1st in version 2.1. This is the biggest update since the launch of Mario Tennis Aces. The new characters are also released five times, and there are many new elements online and online. In addition, all updates are also freely available. Introduce Mario Tennis Aces 2.1 Update.

5 new characters are registered

Since Mario Tennis Aces has been launched, it has been updated to five characters. Nintendo will no longer support players' appetite this time. It is a new role to be released from December to the next three years. On December 1st, there were two more characters: the power-type piranha boss and skilled oath. The Cannibal Flower Boss is the first BOSS player to play in a tornado single-player mode. He is the only character who does not use the tennis racket. He uses strong and strong pages (both hands) to directly attack his opponent. The result In the first three months of next year, a new character will be launched every month, including Kelly, Ben Ben and Super Mario Odyssey behind Princess Roquetta.

Left: Cannibal Flower boss (obtained online tournament (single)). Right: Hehe (obtained in online tournament (doubles))

Online 2v2 mode

In the past, you can play doubles players in just one game. After upgrading to version 2.1 players can play double tournaments and they can use the switch to double play or after connecting with their friends can connect to the network. The new online tournament also includes a point system. According to the player's battle points, there are four divisions: S, A, B and C. In the search for opponents, they will be split according to the compartment. With points, players should be more motivated and motivated to play online.

A new synergy mission for the various colors of Yaoxi

Yoshi's circle overcomes the ball

From 1 December to 10 January, the "United Mission" associated with the launch of the second phase of the content. This time, "Yoshi's Circle Shot" supports up to 4 players to connect to the challenge, and each of them will use another Yoshi, color, kill the ball on the same circle as one on the ground to get the result. This is a collaborative task. The degree of compliance Yoshi, who can get different colors, can be used in general battles.

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