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Amazing pots to get out of the cooking mouse. Manager: I have a problem, and then find me | Huashi News

Amazing store store in Chongqing, China to remove boiled mice (converting microblogs)

Wu Nanda Comprehensive Report / Sichuan

It's terrible! In Chongqing City, China, there are 4 people. They ate at the local famous hot coffee restaurant at noon on November 4, they did not expect the pizza to find a pizza in a long pot. They complained in the store on the spot. I did not expect the store to come back: I returned to find me after eating a problem. So the four decided to publish their respective photos and videos. However, the store stressed to the media that four customers had already apologized on the spot.

As seen from the photos, people used troublemakers to push a foot full of spicy hot pots full of spicy oil and was completely prepared. Those who posted photos said that when they were shown in the store, the store first said "mice also grew up eating food". Then they said, "I returned to me after eating a problem." The attitude was very bad. I also excused myself after saying that it was because of the authorities when the rats are killed, there will be rats.

After the incident, the store immediately said that for the first time apologize for four customers, the store also specifies why the mouse will appear in a hot pot, while not excluding the human factor. The store indicated that it had taken the initiative to report cases to the relevant departments, and is currently investigating the local health authorities.

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