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Influenza Outbreak! 2 million people infected with the national alert in Japan – Yahoo News

In the Japanese outbreak during the week from 14 to 20 days, the number of patients increased to 2.13 million, and the state alert level was reached across Japan. Many business lines also have common infections, and some operators simply want their employees to work from home. Although Japanese pharmaceutical companies introduced a new flu medicine last year, it is considered effective once, but there are also two cases of resistance.

The Japanese Clinic is overcrowded and people are included because the flu is so amazing. The virus has come to a great extent, and the state of anxiety in Japan has risen to 2.13 million in just one week. More than 6,800 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens were forced to stop, some institutions also had a set of infections, 16 people were killed, and even the company number was not rescued.

Staying at the office fears cross-border infection, some operators simply close the door for three days and ask employees to work at home. Some advertising company employees said: "The efficiency of work accidents (work for a company) is often on the tram (work at home) can also reduce the risk of infection."

In Tokyo, 15 bus industry leaders have been driving flu, and no one can drive this month; there were three rows this month to reduce or correct the number of flights. To prevent the virus and return to work as soon as possible, more than half of people will ask the doctor to open the new drug.

This Japanese salt wild medicine factory, which began selling special flu drugs in March last year, claims it can be used once and for everyone, in order to directly delay the growth of the virus compared to the previous flu, the course of treatment is greatly shortened, but there are also problems. Flaws.

Japanese Infectious Diseases Society Shibuya Satoshi said: "One in 10 people will develop resistance and it is unclear whether a drug-resistant virus will spread."

In clinical trials in pharmaceutical companies, about 9% of adults develop resistance, and the proportion of children under 12 years of age is as high as 23%. In fact, two drug-resistant cases have been reported in Japan last month. Although in this case you can still use flu, but experts still recommend that people and doctors use this drug more carefully.

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