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Hard to wear red vests! The Minister of Communication is quite an employee.

Taiwan Railway bought 7,000 red vests, which wrote: "I Love Taiwan Railways, Safety First" and asked employees to wear them during the Spring Festival, not just employees hit, but communication minister Lin Jialong wasn't quite and told Facebook, "There are many things that should be done better than sending vests. " The Minister spoke, but Taiwanese railway director Zhang Zhengyuan insisted that "this year's Spring Festival will be showing a red vest to show the security reform."

Lin Jialong does not participate in the PO text of his face opening. "In order to provide people-oriented transport, in addition to serving passengers with empathy, you also need to take care of your colleagues with empathy." "I also ask the Ministry of Communications and Directors at all levels of the Taiwan Railway Bureau to pay attention to the votes of their first-level colleagues."

Lin Jialong said that local colleagues felt that "Taiwan's railway dormitory is not good and some do not even have a mattress. There are underground stations filled with diesel fuel, but not just the exhaust system is not installed, nor the simplest mask." The Taiwanese railway is considered to "improve the level of improvement and improve the working environment of colleagues".

Zhang Zhengyuan also responded to Lin Jialong through Facebook. "I hope the railway staff can wear the first safety vest" and "I urge Taiwanese Railway colleagues to support the" I Love Taiwan First Railway Safety Campaign "and wear it during this spring's festival.

(China Times Newsletter)

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