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Everyone agrees that Bei Nong Council took over Wu Yinning's immediate release – Zhongshi News

Beinong Board of Directors took place on 29th and accepted the dismissal of Wu Yinning, general manager of Beinong. (Photo by Fang Yizhe)

Wu Yinning, General Manager of Beinong, did not resign. The COA expressed concern over the dismissal of CEO at the Beinong Board of Directors this afternoon. After approving all directors, Wu Yinning immediately took up this post. Peng Zhensheng, Head of Beinong, said that he did not vote on the dismissal, but all the directors agreed on it completely. Wu Yining had to leave the dormitory immediately. The general place was represented by the main secret road. Wu Yining commended.

This morning Wu Yining held a press conference and strongly resisted it. She believed that outside of the speculations and rumors that she was attacked, and said that she had stayed on her board this afternoon.

In the afternoon, COA filed a case to dismiss the head of the board of directors. According to Peng Zhensheng, the Board of Directors said that the case was not voted and approved by all directors. According to company law, Wu Yining was promptly dismissed. Wu Yinning said her attitude is the same, but she will follow the board's decision.

It is understood that the executive and the Taipei government agreed on Monday that Wu Yining resigns. I once hoped that Wu Neng automatically resigned. If Wu insisted that he would not leave, Wu Jianning's dismissal case would be proposed by the Agriculture Council. Vu refused to mediate an intermediary. He also insisted on a strong statement this morning, stating that he would stay at the board of directors and force the relevant unit to start filing. The Board of Directors was convened at noon. 14.00, and the Committee on Agriculture proposed to dismiss Wudonging through a temporary initiative.

Regarding the Nordic government, although President Bei Nong and Beiwei's director Peng Zhensheng announced yesterday yesterday that the board would not discuss the general manager's case, in fact, it is planning to present a temporary proposal today to settle Wu Yinning's redundancy case. .

(The Chinese Times)

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