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Dissatisfied with Tencent Cold IG Wins Wang Sicong Dominates 5 Million Money to Send Fan | 4Gamers


Recently, Invigtus Gaming (IG) won the LPL Division for the League of Legends World Cup trophy, but after the event, the Official League Legends featured a disparity in the way the fans were angry. Today (6th) IG leader Wang Sicong came up. To create a sound to celebrate the IG Championship, simply send / comment /, like your Weibo, and pump 113 people to send 10,000 RMB in cash! President Wang is really good!

As long as you want to praise, transfer and leave a message, you will be able to attract 10,000 RMB (approximately NT $ 44,000) and have 113 wins. Such a big draw is definitely not a scam. The person who is active is the son of the richest man in China, the IG boss Wang Sicong.

This year, IG won the Legend World Championships. However, compared with this year's MSI Mid Seasons Invitational RNG, Tencent officially launched championships and celebrated RNG for a long time. This time the official paid attention to "K / DA". The style of this series in the following ad, regardless of the gaming hall or official website, you can not see the IG holiday arrangement or information about future celebrations.

From November 3, when IG won the championship, Tencent officially launched the "IG winner's holiday", which included "1 Sample Form, 1 Sam Summoner Head and 1 Sample Winning Card" until November 5th. "." Following the official launch of MSI's mid-season victory in the 8 minutes, the official official launch of the RNG has allowed many fans who really love the LPL zone to be unhappy.

Following the official announcement of the victory celebrations, there was a buzz under Weibo. Not only did IG fans get false, but EDG fans who won the first MSI championship for LPL also displeased with the message: "Sorry, I forgot EDG's first MSI champion. Not equipped with the championship avatar."

Chinese indirect players distinguish game lobby cards 11/5, C / DA dominate in main layout

Together IG team vice president, Tibetan horse, 5. Evening at noon. 8:00 said that he understood the mood of the fans. Hot Dogs (referring to Wang Sicong) have spoken to discuss this issue. After the fifth Friday night, the Legend League officially changed the statement saying that "the second wave (winning the celebrations) will be announced later this week" is inevitable to doubt … Is it the big boss who will come out, the official I really moved and started this so-called "celebration".

Chinese indirect players distinguish game lobby cards 11/5, C / DA dominate in main layout

Contrary to President Wang (Wang Sicong)'s own lottery microblog, it seems President Wang is really disappointed. President Wang not only really explained that it was a "Championship Monthly Celebration," but also commented on the following remarks: "Huang Zai (this means that irrational RNG fans) and tx lol (Tencent League of Legends) staff are not allowed to play."

Wang Sicong Lucky Draw was first mentioned on the Weibo Hot Searches list that was most responsive to the topic, and the "President Lucky Draw Limit" was the fourth. It is clear that President Wang's performance is quite popular.

In fact, despite the fact that IG won good results this year and even won the world championship, the lack of an LPL crown has made their local fan base a bit less known than LPL champions, such as EDG and RNG. Korea's supporters in the array often also restrict fans to the "national story". Vang Sicongs has published an essay on IG Korean support.

This time IG won the championship is a very wonderful insight. I did not expect them to wait after winning the championship. At the moment, it seems that the government has tried to best offset it, but can it calm its anger, it depends on how it would like to buy it! At least the presidential lottery is not obliged to accidentally raise money. If you have a Weibo account, you can try your hand.

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