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Bioventus launched by DUROLANE® in Malaysia and selected by Athrotech as exclusive distribution partner – Business Wire China

HOFFADOP, The Netherlands – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Bioventus, a world leader in bone healing solutions, launched a single injection of liquid Osteoarthritis (OA) DUROLANE in Malaysia and was selected by Athrotech on the Malaysian market. Exclusive Distribution Partner.

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OA can cause the pads and grease joint tissue to break down or break down the cartilage and joint fluid. It is estimated that up to 20% of adults in Malaysia suffer from osteoarthritis and the most common type of OA in the country is OE. no

1.DUROLANEProducts containing hyaluronic acid (HA) can help control the pain of the knee and hip in OA patients.

Bioventus CEO Tony Bihl said: "With usDUROLANEAs HA products continue to grow and expand, our area in Asia is Athrotech and Bioventus. Malaysia is the fourth largest market in Asia, and here is Bioventus.DUROLANEProvides proven knee pain relief for several patients and doctors. "

Jeff Luah, director of Athrotech, said: "We are passionate about technologies that reduce risk and time, help patients and are unparalleled in quality.DUROLANEIt is safe and the patient's injections can be made very quickly, this is one injection product designed to provide a strong and lasting knee pain. "

Bioventus Commercial Director John Nosenzo said: "Athrotech has extensive experience with OA in orthopedic disease and we are very happy about themDUROLANEExclusive Distribution Rights. This market is a positive combination of private, paid institutions and self-employed patients, and we look forward to working together to expand our business in the coming years. "

DUROLANEBased on a natural, safe and proven technology called NASHA®. The process produces a stable (HA), naturally occurring molecule that provides lubrication and damping in normal joints. Research has shown that OA is better than knee pain than Synvisc-Oneno

®2* Pain relief is better than steroid injectionno

3.DUROLANEIt is equally safe for repeated treatment. ReuseDUROLANEDid not increase the frequency of side effectsno


About Bioventus

Bioventus is a bone healing solution company that provides a clinically proven, cost-effective product that helps people heal faster and safer. The mission of the company is to help patients recover and enjoy an active life by creating differences. Bioventus bone healing products include products for the treatment of osteoarthritis, surgery and bone surgery. Based on our commitment to high quality standards, empirical medicine and ethical behavior, Bioventus is a trusted medical partner worldwide. For more information, please visit and Twitter. no

@BioventusglobalFocus on the company.

Bioventus, the Bioventus logo and DUROLANE are registered trademarks of Bioventus LLC. NASHA is a registered trademark of Nestle Skin Health. Synvisc-One and Synvisc are registered trademarks of Genzyme Corporation.

Summary of indications:Symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate knee arthritis or hip arthritis. No contraindications have been observed. Do not use DUROLANE if you have an infection or skin condition at the injection site. DUROLANE has not been tested in pregnant or breast-feeding women or children. The risk may be transient pain, swelling and / or stiffness at the injection site. Reported indications have been approved in Malaysia, indications and product availability vary from country to country. Please contact your local Bioventus representative for local approval. Complete product information is available on the product label at

References:1 The Malaysian Arthritis Foundation website was updated in 2015. Available on November 1, 2018.2. McGrath AF, McGrath AM, Jessop ZM et al. Comparison between article hyaluronic acid competitors in the treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis. J Arthritis2 (1): 108. Doi: 10.4172 / 2167-7921.1000108 (McGrath AF, McGrath AM, Jessop ZM, etc.) Comparison of intra-articular hyaluronic acid competitors for the treatment of mild to moderate arthritis. 2013; 2 (1): 108 doi: 10.4172 / 2167-7921.1000108.) 3. Leighton R, Åkermark C, Therrien R et al. NASHA Hyaluronic Acid against Methylprednisolone in the case of osteoarthritis of the knee: prospective, multi-center, randomized, non-inferiority study. Osteoarthritis cartilage2014; 22 (1): 17-25 (Leighton R, Åkermark C, Therrien R, etc. NASHA Hyaluronic Acid against Methylprednisolone in Road Arthritis: Prospective, Multi-Centric, Randomized, Non-Invalidity Study. Inflammatory Cartilage "2014; 22 (1): 17- 25.) 4. DUROLANE [藥品仿單]Durham, NC: Bioventus LLC, 2017.

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