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AKB48 TEAM TP loves this goddess of 7 group sister group big team – love girls

AKB48 TEAM TP recently went to Thailand to participate in "AKB48 GROUP ASIA Festival 2019". (good entertainment)

AKB48, JKT48, BNK48, MNL48, AKB48 TEAM TP and other seven city sister groups recently visited "AKB48 GROUP ASIA Festival 2019" in Bangkok, Thailand, attracting more than thousands of pilgrims, AKB48 TEAM TP sent members Chen Shiya, Qiu Pinhan, Yan Diqi Abe Maria, Liu Yuqing, Zeng Shiyu, Pan Ziyi, Liu Jieming, Lin Yuxin, Li Mengchun, a total of 10 members went to the expedition, Abe said with excitement: "I came to Thailand to play for the first time to work, Tokyo Dome this group AKB48, now a group of nurses, has also grown and has not expected to be in Bangkok. "

On the same day, a total of 76 sisters and 76 people joined and sang on the stage, which was impressive, and members of the group, Shiya, Pinhan, and Xiaodi, believed that BNK48 captain Cherprang was a goddess, and Sharprang was together. The election won the championship, Shiya praised "Cherprang is my friend, and the man I admire, as well as the captain of the group, admire my impulse on the stage and always feel calm, I hope I One day I can be such a person."

AKB48 TEAM TP started the single "Brave Forward", which was well received, and Abe said that the MRT took it a few days ago, and the boys said to her, "I just saw you on the road. I believe I am very beautiful and I I am here." She impressed her.

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