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Zurich Cantonal Council – Higher earners do not pay taxes in the future – News


Zurich Cantonal Council – The Biggest Earnings Will Not Pay Tax in the Future – News – SRF

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Low income tax, taxation of richer citizens: There is no chance for the Cantonal initiative to release Janto.

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The Zurich Cantonal Council, among other things, rejects the Juso initiative, as the wealthy could step down.

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People with low incomes should pay less tax, but the rich would have to pay a higher tax. It calls for the new socialist "aid initiative". The Zurich Cantonese Parliament expressly rejects the request with 125: 41 votes.

Your help initiative

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The enforcement initiative calls for the tax system to be raised to the so-called zero level. It indicates the income limit below which no taxes are payable. Today, the amount of dependent couples is 13,500 francs. You want to raise this limit to 28,900 francs. Therefore, every five households will no longer have to pay taxes in the future. However, SMEs also need to earn a profit, which has a slight reduction in taxes. A total of 90% of Zurich residents would benefit from tax cuts. In turn, the best earners are to be paid to a greater extent. The aim of this initiative is to raise the highest level of progression from 13 to 17 percent. Who earns very well, the state should give up half of it.

Your initiative was only supported by its parent, SP. The bourgeois majority, representatives of the LLP and the green parties did not believe in the bill. First and foremost, they fear that the good earners may leave Zurich's canton. In addition, poor people will not take advantage of the initiative as the canton of tax cuts will lose about 350 million francs and should increase the fee.

Vote without reciprocity

This opinion is also a government council, he also rejects the initiative. There will be no controversial offer. Therefore, Zurich residents will only be "Juso" initiative. Voting date is not yet fixed.

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