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YB Newcomer Gaudino: "At 60kg I was too light»


Gianluca Gaudino (22) is the only new signer this season with champion YB. German with a great name illuminates its dark path after its time in St. Petersburg. Gallen. And explain why Sow and Mbabu have samples for him.

SEARCH: Gianluca Gaudino, how did it happen in Bern?
Gianluca Gaudino:
Oh, I had a trial for one week in December. Since I was allowed to play. The club obviously liked it as I presented here. Now I'm just glad to get this opportunity.

From which side did the original spark originate?
They were my agency and YB together. The young boys were already "a bit" interested in my time at St. Gallen. I also had a first contact with Mr Chapuisat. Obviously, YB listened to me.

They grew up in Bayern Munich, went through all the latest teams, played Bundesliga and Champions League at a very early age, were German youth international and now 22 years old in Switzerland. Was Bavaria a mortgage too big?
There are many factors that make it work very quickly. And one day understand: Hey, I have missions with Bayern in Munich! This is followed by a fall in performance. With me, because the body was not ready yet. At that time I weigh 60 kilograms. Today it is 75. I just need more time. But you almost don't get it from Bayern.

How did you enlarge?
I didn't do anything special. The first five, six kilograms I got when I switched to the professionals. The rest were themselves. My body just needed a little longer.

Was the name Gaudino an obstacle to your famous father, Maurizio?
Not. He doesn't matter.

However, we went to Bavaria only downhill. First St. Gallen, where they had a good reputation …
… I came too late. That was enough. No, I'm an exact person, even often coming too early to make a special change.

Then Chievo Verona, where you just came to two Serie A missions.
It was simply not suitable. Other football is played in Italy. I also had an injury problem. It doesn't always work the way you expect it. But in Verona I learned a lot.

For example, Italian.
Yes, because I couldn't, because my parents separated early and my mother took me to German in Munich.

After one and a half years you have terminated your contract. Why?
I was dissatisfied with my situation. I was clear: I am young, want my playing time. In Italy you think differently, it doesn't matter if the young person does not. Of course, termination of the contract was a risk. But I wanted to start from scratch, transform my career.

You didn't find the club.
There were different perspectives. I was allowed to practice Borussia Mönchengladbach U23. The contract was discussed. But when it came with YB, I was clear: YB is my first one! That's right.

YB was already great when I was in St. Gallen. The way they go here with boys and players who felt like me and who have now developed as Djbril Sow or Kevin Mbab is amazing. Both are my samples. It is an honor that YB gives me a chance.

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