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Vitamin D: Are preparations useful in winter?

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With sunlight, the body produces vitamin D, so the sun is the most important source of vitamin D. In winter, however, the sun does not always shine in Germany and is not strong enough for the body to maintain vitamin D levels. However, it is not advisable to do any preparatory work for suspicion.

The sun is rightly seen as a donor of energy and life. Source: 12019 / Pixabay

Vitamins are mainly absorbed through the diet. However, vitamin D is different. The body, in direct sunlight, produces vitamin D in the skin. It is related to UV-B radiation. Due to the fact that only a few people in Germany work outdoors, and in winter the sun in this country is little shrinking, vitamin D deficiency.

However, experts advise against taking vitamin D precautions. In the absence of vitamin D deficiency, preparations can cause overdose and consequently side effects. The side effects are nausea and headache. Prolonged use of high dose formulations can cause even kidney damage.

On the other hand, multivitamin preparations are harmless. Meanwhile, multivitamin preparations with CBD are also available. The additional CBD provides additional health benefits. However, these products have only a small amount of vitamin D, so overdose is not possible.

The body stores vitamin D.

Whether or not additional vitamin D intake is useful can only be determined by a blood test. According to the German Nutrition Society, the recommended value is 50 nanomoles per liter. However, a study by the Robert Koch Institute found that 60% of Germans' vitamin D concentration is below the recommended value. However, a serious drawback is only less than 12.5 nanomoles per liter. It affects only about two percent of Germans. Here, especially chronically ill people, just touch the sunlight.

However, if you have enough sunlight in the warm seasons, you can get it in the winter months. The body stores vitamin D. There are corresponding fluctuations during the year. If the value in winter is not too high, no additional preparations are needed.

Vitamin D supports bone structure and immune system

An adequate balance of vitamin D in the body is important because vitamin D supports bone structure and immune system. Vitamin D plays an important role in some of our body's processes. These include, for example:

Adjustment of calcium intake
Bone mineralization
Control of important bone cells and bone proteins
Control of the immune system
Support for the production of the body's own defense forces

In addition, vitamin D should also help with diseases such as cancer or diabetes. Questions about scientific research are not yet available. Thus, the use of additional vitamin D supplements does not always help to prevent serious diseases. Thus, further research is needed in the form of long-term studies.

Promote vitamin D production

Most people in Germany can do without special vitamin D supplements. Refueling your tank in summer is more sensible. However, you should not overdo it. Excessive sun exposure causes skin damage and even cancer. By contrast, those who sunbathe on sunscreen again inhibit vitamin D production, the less UVB radiation can get into the skin.
So there must be a whole middle ground here. A few minutes in the sun without sunbathing is the most sensible direction of action. Duration of day does not allow vitamin D levels. The body simply stops production if there is enough vitamin D in the body.

In addition, a bit of household can be compensated by food. First and foremost, vitamin D is found in fish such as eels, herring or salmon. Eggs and avocados also contain vitamin D content. It is not enough to have a complete supply of needs.

So, in the winter, every solar radiation should be used as long as the weather is playing. In addition to important vitamin production it is associated with other factors. Extra motion stimulates the cardiovascular system and makes the winter fatigue disappear. Vitamin supplements should not be used as an excuse for not going. However, a physician should be consulted for those who think that an additional dose may help.

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