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Trump's former lawyer contradicts Novarte's economy

At a general meeting held on Thursday in Basel, a pharmaceutical giant Novartis An important future course: Majority of shareholders voted for the division of the subsidiary Alcon from the group.

On Wednesday night in Washington, on the other hand, it was at Trump's hearing of former lawyer Michael Cohen congressional committee again – from Novartis. Cohen made statements that seem to contradict Novartis portraits. The question is whether Cohen should go to Novartis or not. According to Cohen, this was the reason why Novartis paid him in the spring of 2017. In contrast, Novartis always denied that Cohen should act as a lobbyist.

Lots of money to be out of performance

Feedback: At the beginning of May 2018, Novartis has signed a consultancy contract with Michael Cohen for Essential Consultants. Cohen won $ 1.2 million from Novartis. Following the change of government, Novartis hoped that Cohen could provide the pharmaceutical giant with information on how the new government would deal with health problems, especially with regard to the planned US health insurance system renewal.

The consultancy contract was signed in February, but at the March meeting between Cohen and then executive director Joe Jimenez it became clear that Cohen could not provide useful information. However, the company paid the full amount.

When the contract became publicly available, the long-standing Novartis chief lawyer Felix Erhart, who signed the contract, received his hat. The contract was a mistake, it was said. Cohen has always been regarded as a short man of Trumps and has, among other things, donated funds to women who have been said to have been affiliated with Trump. Meanwhile, Cohen has also been convicted of false claims.

New discrepancies

Because Judy Cohen is strange, his announcements to the US Congress are interesting because they reveal contradictions in Novartis. In response to US Senators Richard Blumenthal and Elizabeth Warren on June 5, Novartis wrote that "Mr. Cohen has not been recruited to provide lobbying services."

Cohen told the US Congress that Novartis wanted to use him as a lobbyist. "Novartis sent me a contract, clearly stating that they wanted me to take me," Cohen said. "I've deleted this agreement, I have initials and handwritten that I have no lobbying."

The first draft treaty was lobbying

The Cohen account is also supported by a US Senate investigation report last July: "The original draft contract that Novartis had sent to Mr Cohen, which was later amended by Mr Cohen, specifically meant that he should have access to key politicians."

In fact, Cohen has never been Novartis as a lobbyist. But originally it was a pharmaceutical giant – something Novartis doesn't want to know. Following the case, Novartis has always stressed that the agreement with Cohen was about access to information.

Novartis wants to mark the case

The point is tough because Cohen has never been registered as a lobbyist in Washington, and so he did not have to work as a lobbyist.

Despite the contradictions, Novartis does not want to explain Cohen's statements. "We have already turned to all questions about our relationship with Essential Consultants and closed the case," said Novartis.

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