Wednesday , March 22 2023

Tops and Flops: Selection of Critical Clothes for 2019


Hollywood Recreation by Gold Globe: Yesterday Critics' Choice Awards were presented in Santa Monica.

Lady Gaga (32) gave yesterday's performance for yesterday's dinner in Santa Monica. The pop star was honored for his role in the drama "Star was born" with two prizes for the best song and the best actress. On the stage the singer screamed and touched her reception speech.

The unofficial ranking of the most beautiful dresses in the Choice Awards also points to Lady Gaga – just as she did with the Golden Globe – when she went over the red coat of Calvin Klein's elegant colorless dress.

Chrissy Teigen just got out of bed

Without a strap, the light dress sat in the US model Chrissy Teigen (33). She showed a lot of walking in Maison Yeya's clothes and was in great mood – even though she announced Instagram shortly before the award ceremony she could almost get out of bed.

The bright colors were red carpet fashion – the Prada dress, Emily Blunt (35), Mandy Moore (34) wore Michael Kors and American Horror Story star Angela Bassett (60) appeared in the finely shining Robe. Charlize Theron, 43, was inspired by Givenchy's glittering dress, while Nicole Kidman, 51, dressed in an elegant Armani Prive suit in black and white.

Easter egg, ruffles and baby's birthday

However, some stars did not like their clothes: US actor Billy Porter (49) recalled the Easter egg with a large circle around his waist. Actress Dina Shihabi (29) placed shining and pastel colors on the motto "Birthday of Children". "Bohemian Rhapsody" star Lucy Boynton (24) put a lot of frills and looked a little old-fashioned. Nina Dobrev (30) arrived in a red, informal dress that resembled a costume. And Olivia Munn (38) looked like a flamenco dancer in a strapless dress. (WHEN)

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