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These home remedies help you with a cold night time

Especially in the cold season, many have to fight the nasty cold. However, these home remedies make snuffing & Co quickly expire.

Chicken soup, honey in warm milk or snacks for mosquitoes that have already preached grandmother as a young child are often still today. So-called home remedies that have proven themselves from generation to generation and have been passed on since then quickly help small and larger diseases. In addition to many fluids, some foods or plant ingredients have been developed that have antibacterial effects and can effectively combat colds.

Cold Tip One: Vinegar pulls fever from the body

Anyone already suffering from heat or fever can help with a lot of water as well as a damp cloth on the forehead and calf wrap. They cool the overheated body again.

They just have Cold water and apple cider vinegar mix in a dish in equal partsThen mix the towel or tea towel with the mixture, pull out and wrap the calves. It causes fever in the bodyPackaging changes again and again when no effect is felt. In case of severe fever, you should consult your doctor.

You can also drink apple cider vinegarEither clean or blended with water, juice, tea or honey. It should have antibacterial effect, reduce inflammation of the neck and stimulate salivation.

Cold tip Two: Herbal tea reduces inflammation

Tea is optimal for taking enough fluids while acting as a diuretic and rinsing toxin from the body. However, you should not only collect chamomile tea. Also try Linden or Mallow flower tea.

Tannins and phytochemicals are designed to reduce inflammation in the body, Just add two teaspoons of flower to hot water and let it sit for a while. You can then drink the tea infusion, rinse or even inhale with a towel over your head.

helps against sore throat, cough or coldIn addition, "Fiebertees" are recovered just before bedtime to destroy the infection overnight.

Three cold tips: cold against body pain

Those who suffer from cold often have to deal with painful body pain. If the body hurts, it is recommended in the evening before going to bed a hot cold bath (about 38 degrees). As a result, the body swells all the toxins – and also the aromatic additives of peppermint, pine needles or eucalyptus oil relax the limbs and promote blood circulation.

Good to know: Essential oils are also suitable for the facial steam bath, There they release the possible mucus from the nose and bronchiWho decides to heat the pot two liters of water and then pour into a bowl. Add a few drops of selected aromatic oils, cover your head with a towel and breathe deeply for ten minutes and breathe again.

But beware Anyone who already has a fever does not benefit from a hot bathIt would unnecessarily complicate the body.

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Cold tip Four: Chicken soup is antibacterial

If you have cold and body pain, you often think about food. But the strengthening meal is just as important as enough liquid. It is therefore advisable to combine both – and exquisite chicken soup.

Perhaps, according to Focus Online, even US researchers have found collagen to be even boiled chicken soups and other antibacterial ingredients Act. In addition, hot soup increases body temperature – and it is a good feeling. "Even the smell of the preparation is a pleasant childhood memory for many people," said nutritionist Irminger Dexheimer in front of Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

She is also convinced of the chicken soup: "It starts with chicken high zinc content and continues with classic vegetables such as leeks, celery, carrots and onions."So vegetables would contain vitamin K, beta carotene and phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory effects.

There is no need to have a pot in any of the fresh soups to strengthen the defense. Frozen goods have the same effect as Dexheimer. Nutritionist recipe: Boil one or two chicken thighs and cook with frozen vegetables, bay leaf, cloves and greens. Suitable for this are thyme, which dissolves mucous membranes in the airways with essential oils. Another recipe: Cook the chicken soup with vegetable soup in vegetable broth and simmer for one and a half hours.

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Cold tip five: Nasal cleansing cleans the nose

Have you ever noticed that many, bronchitis is, the sea is better? One of the reasons why many resorts are located near the sea. The sea breeze moisturizes the mucous membranes, dissolves the hard crust and dissolves mucus and bacteria, as the stars point out. This can also be done at home with cold or sinusitis.

You only need one Dissolve half a teaspoon of sea salt in 250 milliliters of hot water and salt solution in one nasal rinse (available in any pharmacy or pharmacy). The next step is to bend your head over the sink so that nothing disturbs you. Now hold the shower in the upper nostril and let the salt solution pass through the lower nostril. After the first pass, whistle briefly and repeat the procedure. This can be done for up to 20 minutes.

The woman uses a nose shower every dayFor this unimaginable reason it ended deadly,

Cold tip Six: Quark rolls have a cooling effect

If your child has had a fever or congestion, you may have seen a mother or grandmother come with a pack (spleen). It works directly cooling and therefore also suitable for cold reels,

For this purpose, the upper body is loose and richly covered with curd thickness. Then a towel wrapped around the upper body. Otherwise, the dough can also be applied in centimeters of fabric, hit it and placed on the chest or top.

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Cold Tip Seven: Iced by sore throat

The only good thing about neck inflammation as a child was probably a lot that now they could eat as much ice cream as they wanted without conscience. It is designed to reduce scratching necks or swallowing. However, the fact is that milk with high milk content makes the neck more sticky and therefore very unfavorable,

However, they are Clean ice cubes are very well suited to reduce any swelling, You just suck them – and your throat will be chilled and the body will be supplied with extra fluid. However, if you're tired of just eating ice cubes, it's a good idea to make them with mint tea, honey or lemon water.

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