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The SRF Men's Club led to slippery denominations

Muni Round: Caimi, Theunert (Hidden), Freie, Lüthi, Shudel, Hollstein, and Bortoluzzi (Left) Screenshot: screenshot srf

René Schudel's slippery denominations in the SRF Men's Club

There were no women except the driver. But obviously it is necessary for men to come out of the bush. What they did. With amazing insight. Or no one at all.

That was no longer the case. As a result, James Bond, who was recorded at the beginning of the exhibition, was the greatest of all male ideals (why?) – a question that was asked by parents in the round. Moderator Barbara Lüthi wanted to know from a male researcher Walter Hollstein (80) who can now be considered a real role. For example, the youth of dissatisfied men? And what does Hollstein say?

OK good. Of course. Every 17-year-old on the street told me.

Here we see actor Cary Grant in classic men's armor. Picture: AP

SRF had invited six men to discuss masculinity during the crisis. As: René Schudel (TV chef, 42), Markus Teunert (male counselor, 46), Marco Caimi (male doctor, 56), Patrick Frey (actor, cabaret artist, publisher, 68), Toni Bortoluzzi (old head of state, 71 ) and only Hollstein. Give an exact age on average 60.5 years. Look out! Gender youth movement loudly posterboys! The most amazing, then the dose.

For example, René Schudel, the style of Gölä, told about a pleasant weekend among firefighters, where they all felt very good and had told everything and showed:

René Schudel describes the most beautiful day of his life or something. Screenshot: screenshot srf

Cool! I also listened to listening. Where: Too Much Information! I think Mr Schudel is mainly a TV chef! And now this idea is always … And why do you have to go for a shower in the shower? This is probably just a matter of human nature. That's how we learn from biologist Bortoluzzi, right now.

But what will happen if the stupid Wibli has just experienced "overflowing feminism" (Bortoluzzi)? Even Caimi, who, in practice, releases feminism from the "miss steam" website, is really foolish because it would ultimately lead to "Einheitsbrei vo Mensch", where not only men and women, but also "nations" would be "incredible". .

That men Caimi (left) and Theunert come from different worlds is kar. Screenshot: screenshot srf

Hollstein speaks of builders who had wrongly placed "big tubes" in the morning, and how stupid they would have found him if he had told them to be more enjoyable and better drink tea than lay in tubes. And finally, everything is discussed in this "club", especially Patrick Frey, Kram von and "minorities".

When Theunert, Caimi and Hollstein are going to grab the back of the trousers and go to sawdust or shower (Lüthi: "It's going to be with six men."), Frey surpasses the big mirth:

Basler Hollstein is unlikely to like Basler Theunert because he did something like that, for example, in a tent that was sensitive to troubled men and talked about their vulnerability. Theunert definitely can do it better. He speaks intensely about "Schmarz", "Ängscht" about "bladder bladder", which now, after a billion years of patriarchy and "worst violence", finally burst.

Patrick Frey has freed himself. "Thank God," says Schudel. Screenshot: screenshot srf

Patrick Frey also brightly links his horrible young men among the loud "men" he is "extremely glitte". Above the fireplace there are grim pictures of the Loden hunters and the old castle with crucified swords, so penetration is his "I am other gsii".

As expected, the controversial new Gillette site is well received by Frey and Theunert. Bortoluzzi finds him "funny", Basler Caimi moved to Wilkinson from frustration, and the trailer trailer Schudel only wanted to know where the razor blades were sold.

Usually there is a lot of loud moaning about the dishonesty of demagnetized magnets, but at least we learn that Bortoluzzi can talk to his doctor (which he has) about erectile dysfunction (if any). Finally, Lüthi vedankenswert and says that it is meant to continue wage inequality, etc., Just too early for the "role of the white victim".

So there were two parties that did not find each other. Just Bond, a funny old style relic, somehow found them well. Those who had once come to take on the future were neither in theory nor in practice. There was no studio. No new politician, no activist, no actor or musician. But they probably rarely look at Bond. And certainly not SRF. They look at Netflix. Where they really help. With thousands of new models.

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